Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads

Tips For Creating High-Quality Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads

Affiliate marketing on Facebook is one of the most common and effective marketing strategies many business owners adopt for promotion. To carry out this task effectively, new business owners would benefit from the following tips.

  1. CPM Bidding

CPM refers to Cost Per Mile, and each mile constitutes one thousand impressions. It is important to begin with this when the owners are paying the costs after a thousand people view their ads. And that price is comparatively lower for the business owners to pay.

  1. Budgeting the campaign

It is very crucial to decide on a budget beforehand to reduce the chances of overspending. There are three types of budgets you can plan as per your convenience. They are:

  • Lifetime Budget
  • Weekly Budget
  • Daily Budget
  1. Follow affiliate program rules

The main regulations advertisers must follow are the rules of the affiliate program they are promoting. Here, you can use another program’s link on the business page posts, but not in the Facebook ads. Many affiliates like Amazon would specify you to use the term Amazon Associate’ to describe themselves in the posts. You are prohibited from using URL shorteners or cloaking either.

  1. Federal Trade Commission requirements

There are strict FTC rules regarding transparency of the affiliate-merchant relationship. Many viewers would not trust a person who is promoting an affiliate and secretly earning from that advertisement themselves.

Thus, the value of their review reduces, as they are bound to promote the product in order to gain personal profit. Thus, it is important to disclose the affiliate relationship legally.

  1. Follow the advertising policies of Facebook

It is important to receive approval for affiliate marketing Facebook ads from Facebook after complying with the Facebook Advertising Policies. The platform algorithm would check the landing page as well as the ad. Thus, it is important for the landing page content to match with the ad and policies.

  1. Website or blog available

It is necessary for a business owner who is using the affiliate marketing tactic to have their own website or blog. These would contain information regarding recommendations, product reviews, etc., and the website would get better traffic in Google searches too.

  1. Use hashtags

Generally, Facebook users do not commonly use hashtags in their posts. However, to get better visibility, it is helpful to add 1-3 descriptive tags in the promotional content. For example, #AffiliateMarketing is relatable to people searching for such posts.

All in all, those interested in trying out affiliate marketing as a marketing tool can gain high profits using these tips.