Amazon Listing Optimization Service

Tips to follow for effective amazon listing optimization

As a seller, it is your duty to make sure that the product and store pages are up to high standards. And because of that, performing Amazon listing optimization is very important. It would allow you as a seller to reach a higher number of viewers, and get sales.

There are some particular manners in which you can do so. And they are as follows.

  1. Keywords

One of the main things that ensure that many people reach one product is the keyword. Thus, this is when amazon keyword optimization is important. It is the duty of the sellers to use the backend keywords with the highest chance of gaining interest. For this, you need to add all the five fields properly and make sure to 250 characters only.

Also, make sure that you add spaces between the amazon listing keywords, and no other abbreviation or punctuation. You do not even need to add commas, as that would waste more characters than necessary. Also, avoid using plural or singular words, and not repeat any either.

  1. Product description

Add information in an easy-to-read manner within 2000 characters. Mention the benefits mainly, and do not keyword stuff in the descriptions. Plus, you can take a storyline manner of narrative to gain more interest.

  1. Product features

You would have to optimize the 5 bullet point description that includes the product benefits, too. You need to add the information in a 1000 character limit. Explain why customers should buy your product, and why it is a better option in the market. Provide information on why your product is a solution, and also answer any potential doubts they might have, beforehand.

  1. Product title

There is a limit of 250 characters for product tiles, with some categories having exceptions. When you are using the amazon listing optimization service, do not use characters like “&”. Use the English specified word, instead.

Also, using all caps would make the title unattractive to customers, although using so in the first letters of the words is acceptable. Similarly, when using numbers, add the numerical points.

Other tips for optimization include not adding symbols, promotional messages, quantity, or price on the title.

You can add any 3 of the primary keywords for better visibility rate, and include unique features of it. However, it is best to avoid keyword stuffing.

  1. Product images

Sellers can add 9 images of products or less, including the primary image. The acceptable sizes are 1000px by 500px minimum, width and height respectively.

Also, adding professional photographs with high-quality definition and multi-angle choices would improve saleability. Plus, shoot the main image against a white background, and do not add any watermarks or infographics on it. Use the latter in other pictures, though, and also include pictures of people using the product.

  1. Product review

You should make sure that incentivized reviews follow Amazon policies. You can also mention any followup information to buyer’s queries in the reviews. Overall, this would increase customer trust and seller credibility.

  1. Competitive pricing

You can use repricing software to optimize the pricing of the products against other competitors.

Overall, when you follow these points, that would improve your Amazon listings highly.