Facebook Ad Agency

Types of Ads A Facebook Ad Agency Would Promote

In terms of reaching a wider audience, Facebook Ads are the best options to try. These promoted advertisements appear on the News Feed of every user, and that brings more customers to brands. In fact, a Facebook ad agency would also employ this targeting marketing tactic here for reaching specific demographics.

Given the wide landscape and use of the sponsored ads, there are various types available too. Using these styles, you can stretch your data to reach potential clients, and grab their interest. The following points would describe what types of Facebook ads advertisers promote the use of.

  1. Marketplace ads

One of the most common ways of selling one’s products is through the Marketplace. It is a separate page available on the Facebook site for the users to browse and find something of interest.

In this style of advertisement, there is an image, a headline, and a link that one can click to reach an outside website or Facebook page.

  1. Lead ads

This type of Facebook ad sponsored is very inexpensive and works perfectly. In fact, it works in the place of landing pages, and is thus, an easy-to-use advertisement for users and advertisers alike.

The viewers can add their contact information to these advertisements after they appear on their page. They appear mainly on the mobile Facebook page, which reaches a wide audience.

Afterward, the advertisers use this contact information to serve future notifications. As for how the lead ads appear, these usually come in the form of offer discounts or deals, email newsletter sign-up, appointment schedule setting, etc.

  1. Carousel ads

Such types of ads arrive very frequently on the pages of the users. They appear as multiple videos and images in succession on the same ad unit. Generally, advertisers can broadcast only 10 images maximum in the carousel ads. They use this ad to highlight the features, product look, and promotions related to it.

All of the videos or images are linked with different pages on the brand website where they are present. Thus, when someone clicks it, they reach the linked site. They are generally very successful in getting click-through rates and conversions if the display is well-made.

  1. Video ads

In terms of sponsored posts on Facebook, Video ads are the most commonly available and popular medium of promotion. It is not costly either, and some sponsored video ads charge one penny per view.

They are more attractive to the eye and stay in people’s memories longer. Thus, they get high engagement, give good notable brand recall, and the purchase intent is highly capable. It is very easy to handle too; adding it simply to the FB local video player, with a thumbnail, description, set target, etc.

  1. Engagement ads

These types of ads appear on the wall post of the brand and focus on user engagement as a marketing tool. Visitors can comment, react, and share the content and that displays the popularity of the page. When others see it, they feel interested in the brand because higher likes or shares showcase more solid brand validity.

Overall, to improve your product’s promotion through Facebook, you can use these ads and gain conversions.