Joomla Development Company

Know about Joomla development company and the services it provides

Joomla development company is an award-winning CMS and is PHP based. It is user-friendly and offers flexibility to its users. This is another form of the open-source content management system. It is very much popular because of its large number of programs, extensions and plug-ins it offers. 

The popularity of Joomla development due to its purposes

  • It helps to make attractive and vibrant websites. One can easily create vibrant websites using Joomla be it a small or large scale business. It also helps to make medium to advanced level sites and also makes websites that go live.
  • There are no restrictions on this open-source content management system. Joomla web development makes sure that the scope of enlarging of websites done using this platform.
  • The process of setting the Joomla is very simple. One can easily set up as the process is very simple. Web hosting servers can set up this platform very easily. 
  • The ones who are not well aware of the latest up-gradation of the websites or does not have much knowledge about the depth programming language can also successfully Joomla. For a website’s optimum operations the extensions and plug-in offered by Joomla are also adequate. 
  • This web development saves much time. The use of the platform makes saving up more time.
  • The development efforts lessen for specific website projects. It helps to reduce the effort and time requirement. It is also much simple to use. 

Active platform

This is a friendly and active forum where you can find both answers and helps your questions. We can also meet many Joomla users from across the globe at this platform. You can also find help from other users which they have come through. 

The problems will be fixed and explained in a much better way by the post assistant of the forum. You will be able to access the best support from this platform. The best support will be from the Joomla community all across the world. 

Secure platform 

Security is the main factor a user is concerned about. There are two security measures of Joomla. They are:

  • 2FA or 2-factor authentication

This is an inbuilt feature that puts an end of any kind of security breach by hacking or unauthorized access into the security system. Every time a user tries to log in to the Joomla website, a temporary password is sent to the registered mobile number. One can only successfully login after entering the login code. 

  • B-Crypt Algorithm

Joomla uses this hashing algorithm to scramble the passwords of the user’s database. It ensures better encryption. 

The bottom line

Joomla web development company has rich vulnerabilities. This is another open-source content management system.