Local Advertising

How to use local advertising for your company?

As the name suggests, local advertising is a manner of marketing your products to the local audience. Specifically, people that are close to your business location. In fact, local marketing can effectively grow the economical prowess of a company.

Through this type of marketing, customers will walk into your store and will become aware of what you offer. In the ads, you can also add your phone number which often attracts customers to enquire more about the shop.

There are many advantages to local advertising, but how to set it up for your company?

How to start?

You can promote your ads on search-related websites. Like, when people search ‘shops near me’, it can appear on Google maps or Google shopping advertisements. But for that, you need to set up an advertisement for your company. Following are the ways:

  • Get yourself registered at Google My Business: First, you have to register yourself on Google My Business. And then, fill up all the necessary information about your business. It is a very easy-to-use tool and helps make you discoverable and keeps your customer up to date.
  • Run Google search ads: You can run a Google AdWords campaign to reach your target audience easily. Indeed, these campaigns are highly competitive and provide very good returns.
  • Provide detailed information on the brand and the contact details: Stay clear and comprehensive when it comes to the ‘about us’ page. After all, that will help your local customer understand your company. Later, these can convert to leads. Also, fill the contact us page very carefully and add directions to let your customer reach you easily.
  • Ads on social media: Ads that we put on social media are the most powerful option for this advertising. With proper tactics, yours can rank better on the Google search engine. Nowadays, this serves a very important point when it comes to branding.
  • Add location extension in ads: Adding location extension to your ads would help reach your target location. It helps show your address in the ads and provides direction on the map. Then, your potential customer can just click on the extension and reach your site.
  • Add comparison in your ad: Comparative advertising is very useful to grab the attention of your audience. You can compare to your competitor’s products and how your product is better, thereby improving engagement and sales.

Indeed, knowing the process of using it effectively would improve your chances of getting more views. This type of advertising is very helpful for geo-targeting. And if you are targeting the local audience you should opt for it.