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Tactics For Social Media Marketing Through Facebook Features

In terms of social media marketing, Facebook is one of the best and most widespread platforms available. There are thousands to millions of people worldwide who log-in to this platform each day. Therefore, it is one of the most successful platforms in terms of marketing.

It has many features and tactics that people can get into, and use in a promotional manner. The most common options for this include the following.

  1. Behavior targeting

One of the available tactics on Facebook that help business owners market their brands is behavioral targeting. The Facebook algorithm filters third-party partners to root out specific customers’ behavior through purchase history, device usage, etc. The platform can match this information with the users and the advertisers can use that data to target specific ads to interested individuals.

For example, if a user has traveled many times, travel advertisers can base their promotional idea on this data. And then send ads to that individual on future cruisers, international travel plans, coupons, etc.

  1. Facebook Live

The marketing department can use the Live feature to engage with their audience. The ones who are following would get the notification and they can then watch the video in real-time. Also, there is the option for playback available too, which late users can use to tune in after the live broadcast is over.

One of the best ways to use this feature is to showcase a new product’s usage steps, video chat interviews with guests, promoting future events, etc.

  1. Facebook Stories

This feature is as useful in Facebook business marketing as much as it for regular users to update about their day. The time limit for stories to stay on the feed is for 24 hours, after which it expires. Indeed, it is a very interesting and usable tactic for organically reaching a wide customer base on information about upcoming events or products.

  1. Video

Another of the best Facebook features for marketing is using the video feature. Statistically, around 85% of the brands use video content to engage the audience, and it works most of the time. You have to feature the video suitable for mobile, with shorter time limits, and post regularly. That would attract the attention of the audience who are using Facebook simply to pass the time. As a result, the chances of viewer-to-sales conversion are higher.

  1. Demographic marketing

The tactic of demographic marketing is using target marketing toward specific groups and their interests. For example, ages, genders, recent life events, political leanings, etc.

All in all, you can use the given plans to promote your brand’s services and products more effectively.