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What are the Advertising Standards Authority and its role?

The ASA i.e. Advertising Standards Authority is a self-acting organization situated in the United Kingdom. And they are non-statutory and cannot enforce legislation. Furthermore, ASA investigates whether an advertisement includes false statements or is a scam. And if they find any discrepancy, they inform the business to edit or remove the ad.

Sales promotion, direct marketing communications, and non-broadcast ads follow the rules of this authority figure. So, you need to understand the role of this authority figure in order to produce legally viable ads.

The role of ASA

The ASA focuses on five parameters- understanding, support, impact, proactive, and awareness of ads.

  1. Understanding: The regulation aims at understanding the ads that the top advertising agencies Thereafter, they check if there is an issue on any social cause in them, and they fairly make their evaluation.
  2. Support: It offers support to those who provide advertising services through advice and training for making good adverts.
  3. Impact: It focuses on important areas that can cause an impact. Plus, it controls the ad that can create offense or can offend or harm the consumers.
  4. Proactive: This organization is very proactive and sees whether the ads have gotten any negative comments.
  5. Awareness: It looks after the quality of awareness in the ad. For example, if it is about advertising agencies near me then it should provide the required information.

This organization is self-regulatory and is responsible to ensure whether the ads are legal, fair, and true to the audience. Moreover, the Advertising Standards Authority establishes and provides finance to Advertising Standards Complaint Board. So, businesses can benefit a lot when they follow along with the regulations of this regulatory board. 

Not to mention, this covers different sectors like alcohol, Therapeutic and Health, Children and young people, and more advertisements.

The rules you must follow

Certainly, there are some rules that you need to focus on to not get into trouble with the ASA. They are:

  • You cannot add any exaggerated claims to your ads regarding your products.
  • If the ads include any information like “our company has five times more customers than the others”, you need to show documented proof.
  • Ads should not contain any harmful language that falls under sexist, racist, or other offensive tones.
  • In case you mention someone’s name in the ad, you need to get their permission first. Otherwise, ASA does not consider it legitimate.
  • The ads must contain relevant information and give accurate answers regarding the product.

Overall, following the ASA rules are very important for you to legally post the ads. It is government-approved and can regulate the ads according to their standards. So, they are free to investigate and act on all the matters they deem necessary.