Ask deal Plugin

How marketing works? It is mainly creating the deals that user would like to purchase. We provide tool for you to create deals and user can contact for details, and might be for asking a new deal with changing details of it.

You can create deal by providing Title, Details, Price, Image , There is call to action button displayed at bottom which used to display contact form in popup or a link to the contact form opens in new tab/window of the broswer

In the popup form it asks for the contact details like name ,email, phone, and Deal deails Whats your budget ? , Provide more details, you can remove this two question and add more qustion / input if you want.. The form allows you to add more question or change title of it.If user fills the form an email will be sent to wordpress admin email id.


Digital Agency Deals – Example 1


We can create logo design for your business, provide details to get the best designs.


Monthly SEO/SMM Support

We can provide monthly search engine optimization for 3 -5 keywords or social media marketing support of 50 hrs.



Restaurant Deals – Example 2

Celebrate Birthday - 10 Guests

You can celebrate birthday with 10 Guests, Cake, Dinner included


Wedding Reception - 100 Guests

Wedding Reception
Dinner for 100 Guests


Get Together Party - 20 guests

Small get to gether party for 20 guests, includes dinner


Corporate Event - 200 guests

Full day corporate event
Includes break fast , lunch , diiner