Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How sellers on Amazon can use Amazon affiliate marketing and become one?

Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the most useful tactics that sellers can use in terms of promoting their products. In this, the platform pays the websites under this program a commission for bringing sales and traffic. Indeed, the merchant website and the affiliate websites link up, and the transaction occurs per program regulations.

This platform pays the Amazon affiliate marketing websites the sum of the number of customers they bring. However, the payment only occurs if these customers buy any product within one day. Before you learn the steps to becoming one, read the benefits of doing so.

Advantages of becoming an Amazon affiliate site

Certainly, both the websites and the merchant receive benefits when they pursue this partnership. The affiliates can receive payment only if they contribute good conversion rates. Thus, this acts as a motivation for them.

The merchants, on the other hand, can get a higher audience reach through these affordable advertising techniques. And ultimately, that leads to higher sales for them.

Steps of becoming an Affiliate website of Amazon

Most of the sellers have to go through the following procedure to become affiliate Amazon websites. The steps include:

  1. Creating a blog or a website

The seller needs to own an active website to become an affiliate of Amazon. Other options include blogs, YouTube channel, or an app. Plus, if the website of the seller is full of pre-set content, that adds to its look of authenticity and relevance.

Indeed, this is important for you because a part of the application process requires the applicant to describe their website purpose. Thus, creating a blog or website beforehand would allow you to get a clear idea of the intended target and marketing plan.

  1. Open the homepage for Amazon Associates

So, visit this aforementioned homepage and create an account of your own. The option “Join Now For Free” is present for that, and you have to either create an account and login with a pre-existing one.

  1. Build a profile

Open the “New Customer” option and select all of your preferences on the prompts that appear.

  1. Add your account details

Include all the account details on the page that appear, such as name, payee’s phone number, address, etc.

  1. Add website URL

If you are many platforms or a single platform, add the website addresses of all.

  1. Preferable store ID

You have to include your store ID, and your intentions from your websites, and likely target topics.

  1. Plan for traffic attraction

You have to add data on your plan for drawing traffic, your link-building technique, how much traffic you generally receive, etc.

  1. Add contact details

You have to add your phone number in the dialog box that appears and select “Call Me Now”. then, you would receive an automated call from Amazon, where you have to add a four-digit code. And then you have to wait for the approval.

  1. Payment method

Mention your tax ID and credit card information, or choose this step later.

  1. Create the links for Amazon affiliate

After completing your profile, you can open your dashboard and receive the link confirmation.

Thereafter, you can continue with your affiliate relationship with Amazon and grow your business.