Amazon Marketing Services

How to use the different ad types under Amazon marketing services

While trying to shop on Amazon, customers come across many different types of ads. For the brands and companies, these are necessary manners of promotion and the Amazon marketing services India uses them. To be specific, sellers can attract many customers with the help of these ads, and thus, it is an important tool to study.

There are some specific types of ads under AMS that sellers use for marketing purposes. What they constitute and how companies use them are mentioned hereafter.

  1. Amazon Store

One of the most useful features of Amazon marketing is the Amazon Store. It is free to use and companies use it to promote their products and services for potential customers to discover. Certainly, Amazon provides pre-set templates for sellers to use, but one can customize their own. There is a drag-and-drop feature for moving the tiles, and sellers can create their own personalized Store.

Plus, one can access the traffic and sales conversion information in the Amazon store, as well. A company needs to have a registered name under the Amazon Brand Registry, after which they can open their Store.

The Amazon marketing services provide the templates as options, and sellers can use it to create categories and product pages. Adding other information like text, images, and videos is necessary, after which you have 72 hours to submit for review. After you receive approval, you would get your Amazon Store URL, which you can add to your ads.

  1. Sponsored Product Ads

Sellers can target a demographic and advertise their products using sponsored ads. The types of products that do not count under this category include used products, adult products, or closed category products.

This Amazon marketing strategy includes two targeting plans for sellers to employ:

  • Product targeting- Sellers can target particular categories or singles product for improving the relevance of the ads. These include factors like price, brand, and star ratings. All you have to do is select the intended product for advertisement, the budget, and target keywords. Then, you create the ad.
  • Automatic targeting- The AMS Amazon marketing services match potential customers with ads through different components. These include substitutes, loose matching, close matching, and complements.
  1. Headline search ads

Third-party sellers can activate the headline search ads aside from vendors. In this, one can choose the destination of the ad when people click on it. The three types under this are Custom URL, Amazon Page, and Create A Page options. After that, any Amazon marketing agency would advise you to manually or through add the keywords for improved promotion. People can do so using Exact, Phrase, or Broad match styles.

  1. Sponsored display ads

It is important to mention that this includes the Product Display Ad, too. This is a very effective tool for attracting audiences based on their shopping interests and activity. Plus, the Amazon algorithm automatically saves this information and features on other third-party websites as well.

0ne of the reasons why an Amazon marketing services agency would suggest this is because sellers do not need extensive resources for this. One needs to choose their strategy of targeting, select their daily budget, and mention the products they wish to promote. Consequently, ad creation occurs automatically.

You can use complement or substitute match types. And if you do that, customers would see your product ad when they visit another complementary product’s page. Furthermore, you can adjust the match types after you set the campaign up as well as during it.

All in all, the Amazon marketing services are excellent manners of promotion for sellers to employ. And using these AMS ads correctly, they can drive in a lot of viewer traffic.