Amazon Marketing: How To Grow An Audience And Improve Your Sales

Effective Amazon Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Business

Without a doubt, in current times, the e-commerce industry is one of the biggest and most influential areas of business and consumer satisfaction. And when it comes to the big names in the e-commerce spectrum, Amazon is a huge superpower. There are many uses to this, and the number of people who use this site for buying products is high.

A lot of this has to do with the easy-to-use interface and the many features that the site holds. Not to mention, the Amazon marketing agency is quite well-defined and diverse, allowing sellers to advertise better. Plus, the reach of this platform is huge, which helps create a bigger target audience.

How big is the reach of Amazon?

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Notably, this e-commerce giant has huge popularity, but one of the defining factors is that the reason for that is not entirely shopping-related. Sure, the traffic at this site is large every day, and sellers find this as a very lucrative medium. In fact, almost 2000 and more sellers join this platform per day and try to sell their goods, with successful results.

As a further incentive, it is important to mention that every day, almost 300 million of the active users enter the site. And statistically, the spending limit of theirs is pretty high too, with at least 7% Prime members included in said list. Of course, with around 12 million available products of different types and more options joining every hour, the market space is huge.

However, that is not the only major point about Amazon and its reach to a wide margin of consumers. Many people consider the Amazon digital marketing as an advice guru of sorts, and they visit to simply surf through the products. Certainly, these people find the trends and price range of items in this site accurate, and they tailor their buying list accordingly. However, they do not always go ahead with it.

Overall, people visit this site to notice the price of a product they desire, to search for potential choices, and to see what is new. All of this is possible owing to the simple and attractive marketing strategy. If you are just starting out with your own selling experience, it is crucial for you to understand the marketing maneuvering in Amazon first.

What is the Amazon marketing strategy?

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To put it simply, Amazon is a great contender when it comes to its marketing policy and tactics. They use the ‘high runner strategy’ as their main superpower to sort out the products in demand. Thereafter, the integrated pricing algorithm of this website checks the prices of said products in the online market.

After checking and verifying which producers have more demand and which sellers are providing it, the next step is advertising. There are many forums and ways through which Amazon manages this and ultimately customers start entering the site. And then, they begin buying the products they want or the related options that the site suggests, and thus, the sales grow.

How to make the products look interesting?

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A huge portion that you as a seller need to focus on is how to make your product stand out. And that is where the product representation comes in, or more specifically, the product page. Certainly, in the aspect of amazon sales agency, this is very crucial.

In this matter, there is some basic information that you need to focus on and emphasize. Indeed, Amazon allows a lot of essential features that make this process easier and the outcome cohesive. These factors are mentioned below.

  1. Title

Do you know what the first thing that potential buyers notice when they enter a product page? It is the title on top. However, small ones with practically no information do not win the attention of people. What they like the most and are drawn towards are longer titles with most of the essential features mentioned.

In short, fill up your title and fill it up good.

Altogether, there are some basic elements that you should definitely include in the product title. These include the name of the brand, the producer, and a few of its most prominent features. For example, if your product is a smartphone, mention its display size, RAM capacity, etc., and if it is clothes, mention the fabric and cut. Thus, the more engaging your title is, the more the people would stay to read through the rest.

Try to enter as many keywords as possible, giving the customers an idea of what they are in for. Thankfully, Amazon provides 150 to 250 characters worth of space for this very purpose. And if you have doubts about what keywords to apply, tools like Simple Keyword, Google Keyword Planner, Merchant Words, etc., would give you an idea. The A9 algorithm in Amazon would also help you with suggestions. All in all, write in clear language and be direct, and that would enhance customer traffic.

  1. Bullet points

To be fair, most people who are surfing through Amazon are there for window shopping, not to buy them. But sometimes, they end up staying longer if the title catches their attention, mostly to see what it is about. Here, the aspect of Bullet Points comes in and it is a crucial element in amazon online marketing.

Thus, you, the seller, have to focus on putting the most striking features of the product in these bullets. However, information dumping would not work here; you should be precise as well as concise. While there are only 5 points you can enter, you should put the most information in them.

Also, most of the time, people employ the last bullet point to answers any likely doubts about certain matters that potential buyers are most concerned about. This way, they would get a better understanding of the product and that would attract them further.

  1. Image synchronization

While the descriptions are all well and good, many customers would still stay unconvinced. After all, reading about the product is fine, but imagery provides a prominent visual appeal that is important for marketing. If possible, add as many pictures of your product as you can, from different angles and looks. Like, if you are selling a bag, click a few pictures of the product from different viewpoints and some more with a view inside the bag.

Also, make sure that you do not add accessories in the background, or any with texts like ‘Made in…’, etc. In order to ensure that your product is the main focus,  Amazon allows the background to be all white and bare. Not only does it catch someone’s eye toward the product and its construction details, but also the rest of the description. Plus, you would get 5 to 9 ‘upload image’ options, and you must try to hit the highest number. Add images with product details or the picture of the label in the back. The more engaging it is, the higher the customer enthusiasm.

  1. Product Description

Of course, while the title, bullets, and images are what would attract the customers, the description is what seals the deal. Amazon allows the basic HTML markup to work in this scenario, where you as a seller can put in the required information. You can use line breaks, paragraph breaks, italics, bold, and other such formats to highlight the most important points.

It is important that you ensure a good and informative content structure in this and not a single compact paragraph. However, commonly, people do not read this portion suitably due to its placement on the page. But it is important to make this part engaging anyway as that ensures a better outcome.

  1. Enhanced Brand Content

A comparatively new program that Amazon affiliate marketing websites introduced is Enhanced Brand Content or EBC. While this was not common previous to 2018 for non-Amazon original products, sellers can now use the EBC to accessorize their content. Certainly, there are pre-fitted design templates that users can take up to make their page more interesting. 

This is a very enjoyable manner of marketing interface that both sellers and customers find highly helpful. There are individual modules that sellers can access and get, through the Seller Central. And these include Custom, Lily, Sunflower, Orchid, Tulip, and Rose ECB modules.  Accordingly, you can make changes to your product page and turn it more attractive.

  1. Customer reviews

Without a doubt, one of the most common things that people check when considering a purchase is what other people think about it. This is why customer reviews are a really important element of marketing, no matter the tone of the review itself. And because of that, Amazon provides the option of replying to these reviews for the sellers and it displays the current ones.

Thus, if you are selling your product, the best thing to do is promptly address the issues of your customers. Not only does this improve the client’s reaction and your understanding of the issues, but also the potential buyers feel positively towards your service. As a seller, your main goal is customer satisfaction and this factor would work well towards that on multiple angles.

Star ratings are another good manner of assessment for products, and the Amazon affiliate program, India adjusts that well. To be specific, the company uses a weighted program currently to calculate the average rating, and the technicalities are different than other competitors. 

In fact, the main points that the system analyses are the reception of the customers to your replies, the time the review was posted, and also if there was a discount. Therefore, in order to get a better rating, focus on customer engagement and that would do the trick.

  1. Question and answers

Last but not the least, another aspect of a product page that would help your selling potential is the question and answers. For example, you are selling a book and the cover for that is of the newer print design. A person who wants to buy the newer print rather than the older print would doubt if your product is the right one.

Thus, in the question and answer section at the bottom of the page, you should clear the doubts about this. In case someone did not ask you the question directly, you can ask an acquaintance to do that instead. Thereafter, give an accurate reply and this would appear on the page for future buyers to look at.

However, keep a note that this section, i.e. both the question and its answer, is open to everyone. Which means that another customer can respond to a particular question, instead of an Amazon marketer or seller. Amazon puts the best answer with the most upvotes as the main displayed answer. 

So, double-check all the replies to the questions that the customers have given and make sure the upvoted one is perfectly correct. If not, you should give the right answer instead to reduce less chances of confusion or wrong information for possible buyers.

Types of Marketing

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While knowing the various product page components is the first step, the next thing you should do is figure out your marketing strategy. Therefore, how well you integrate such matters would help consumers analyze and then choose which product to buy and from which seller. Thus, if you want yours to stay at the top of everyone’s priority list, focus on perfecting your marketing move.

When you are selling through Amazon, there are around five ways you can properly market your brand. These include SEO format, Amazon Marketing Services, Reviews, affiliate marketing, and direct marketing. Each of them has different features and uses, and your options are not limited to singular modes. Indeed, for better growth opportunities, you can try out more than one method simultaneously.

However, as any Amazon marketing expert would tell you, do not overdo your options either. Focus on at least two strategies and grow your market thereafter.

  1. Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon affiliate marketing programOne of the most prominent marketing strategies that sellers can go for in Amazon is the Amazon Marketing Services or AMS. With similarities to Google Ads, this service works on keywords, shopper interest, and related products on which the consumers can click on. Consequently, the more customers click on such AMS, the sooner the sellers would pay for the service. Altogether, there are three main types of such pages.

  • PRODUCT DISPLAY ADS- When the customers search for the product they are interested in, they would notice the Product Display Ads on the bottom of the page on display or the side. Also, this appears beside the related pages, and if a customer selects it, they would get redirected to the product site. However, how the sellers choose to display this depends on their preference and not Amazon itself.
  • HEADLINE SEARCH ADS- Another such Amazon ad that sellers can customize is the Headline Search Ads. This appears on the top of the Amazon search engines related pages with the link and a customized advert. To be specific, the main hero of such ads is the brand itself and includes some of their best products and branded imagery. Of course, the pattern and placement of this fall under the creative jurisdiction of the seller, and links the landing page of the brand in question. After clicking on it and reaching the brand’s page, customers can scroll through the products.
  • SPONSORED PRODUCT ADS- Without a doubt, one of the most useful and popular Amazon Marketing Services is the Sponsored Product Ads. Hereby, these particular product advertisements appear directly on the product page of similar merchandise. When a customer is looking at a product page, they can scroll down and then see sponsored ads of related brands. If that interests them, they can click on the said ad and that would carry them over to their page instead. Usually, this is visible above the product description area and also in the search engine suggestions.
  1. Direct Marketing

In this day and age, social media and related websites are a wonderful tool for increasing your own brand value. Overall, these factors fall under the jurisdiction of direct marketing and it is a highly profitable strategy. However, in some cases, it does share similarities with an Amazon affiliate marketing program, but it is not entirely so.

Indeed, direct marketing in itself is a standard marketing strategy that blends well with Amazon sales and advertisement. This approach is time-consuming on the part of the sellers but creates a loyal and personal relationship with their customers. To be specific, you can engage with your target audience, and that would create a more one-on-one interaction.

Plus, through your personalized approach, your customers would feel more special, and that would increase their buying satisfaction. Therefore, if and when you choose to open your business website, the patrons who are loyal to your service would shift to that option. You can grow your customer pool this way and make a name for yourself and your brand. Hence, while this version requires you to put a lot of effort in the beginning, the outcome is long-term and permanent.

The main ways you can try this strategy are through the following.

  • Social media

Certainly, your first foray into a direct marketing tactic should revolve around social media. After all, most people have such accounts; which translates to more people who can turn into potential clients. You can interact with more and more individuals and create a close-knit bond.

In fact, you can opt for the option of Amazon affiliate Instagram by contacting and creating a bond with social media influencers. These people would indirectly or directly advertise your products, and so would the regular masses. Thus, you should create a business account on such platforms and interact with more and more individuals.

This would certainly expand your reach and promote your brand among new individuals and give you an avenue to post updates. Plus, if your customers have any queries about the products they received or want to buy, they can directly contact you. Of course, in such a scenario, you should focus on reverting back in a timely manner to maintain a good buyer-seller relationship. Similarly, if you put your social media information on the Amazon page too, your exposure would improve furthermore.

  • Email

Another common and oftentimes important way of gaining better customer interaction is through e-mail. However, unlike the social media version, this one is more automated in most cases. Yet, that does not mean you cannot impress the customers with a good message and proper feedback.

Indeed, many people appreciate feeling important and that should be your main focus. As a seller, what makes you stand out to many customers is how well you treat them. And such emails would give you that chance to make an impression and market your products.

Aside from the act of the email itself, the information you provide would also benefit your marketing strategy. These include offers like discounts for the next time they buy something from the same brand. Also, asking for customer feedback and thanking them for their interest would work in establishing a good appearance in front of them. Thereafter, you can go ahead with bettering your service and products.

  • Website

On this same thread, you can make your own business website with the help of an Amazon affiliate website builder or by yourself. This is highly important for you and your brand, and is thus, is one of the most important types of direct marketing. Surely, having your own website with your products on display would allow you to create a particular aesthetic that would attract customers. 

Indeed, selling via Amazon brings sellers a lot to profit, but in case you want a bigger brand value, a website would work effectively. Not to mention, it would allow you to have a different place to interact with customers and it also improved credibility. You can self-promote it on the Amazon page as well as your social media business page.

In case you do not want to make a separate website entirely, Amazon does provide the chance to make a landing page. Simplistic and informative, this format would allow you to have a separate area to collect emails. Plus, most people like to search for the related products from a seller after buying one. And having a personalized business website would allow them so.

  1. SEO Based Marketing

Amazon PPC agencyNot only is Amazon one of the most popular and reliable shopping websites, but also it has made its name as a search engine. Therefore, it is obvious that the site has search engine optimization (SEO) of its own. This is one of the best Amazon marketing strategies that you can adopt, and the Amazon PPC agency works with this too.

To put it simply, the Amazon search engine, or A9, allows the buyers to explore what they want and suggests the best options. It is like Google in some ways, especially regarding the main goal; keeping buyer’s search experience up to their best expectations. Not to mention, the A9 SEO changes and updates occasionally, and works on an original algorithm.

Although the Amazon SEO focuses more on the potential buyers, the sellers need to adjust their marketing scheme accordingly. Indeed, knowing what to expect would help the sellers curate their selling points, and that would increase their businesses. Owing to this, you should, as a seller, focus on these following factors to properly integrate with Amazon SEO.

  • Relevance

In order to increase a buyer’s interest in your product, you should try to think like them first. And the most important place where you should apply that is your products and how they appear on Amazon. Firstly, make sure that you have put the requisite information in the correct language and tone.

So, add as many keywords as you can in the bullet points, as long as they are relevant to the product and is accurate. This would allow more shoppers to find your product, and understanding the bullet points would assure them about its validity.  Furthermore, focus on keeping the imagery fresh and prominent, and focus on the right lighting and position for the first picture.

After all, the more attractive your product is, the more people would feel drawn to it. Do remember that most people take only a glance while scrolling and good images are important to catch their attention. Any Amazon affiliate marketer knows the importance of the first impression, and your title and image are the most important factors here. Thus, put effort into making these factors more direct and informative, and that would attract customers. 

  • Detection

Another important point to note is the visibility of your product, and this is where you should utilize the aspect of advertisements. That would grow your chances of people finding your product page, and creating a relatable and attractive title is important too. Using special characters and keywords would help in this regard, and you should put such words at the beginning of the title.

If you have a very long title, that is the first thing that the customers would look at. Yet, if you are unsure how to best phrase your title, you can take the help of the stored search terms in Amazon’s backend. While the number of characters you can use is around 250 in total, focus on using only the most relevant phrases and synonyms to save area.

  • Selling

Finally, the Amazon SEO does notice your sales margin and the many customer reviews you received. You should feature them more prominently and also ensure that the title and images are accurate to your product. This also, includes the description you put in about its specifications as that is what the buyer is expecting. Therefore, make sure that you live up to said expectations and create a positive experience for your customers.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Amazon affiliate marketing agencyOne of the most prominent marketing tools that you can opt for is the affiliate marketing strategy. Although it does share a connection with the direct marketing strategies, the Amazon affiliate marketing agency is an important scheme in its own right. In this format, most advertising is done by reputed bloggers and that brings another set of potential customers to your products.

Indeed, this is a business move with mutual benefits, where you pay a popular name website to market your products. Thereafter, when such a website promotes your products on their own channel, their loyal customers would gain interest and some may buy the materials too. This indirect type of marketing is one of the most influential marketing methods in today’s times.

Additionally, the social media influencers fall under the same category, if you have paid them to promote your brand. In this scenario, you can send a free PR package to said influencers and pay them PR fees as well, and they would create the hype. Thus, affiliate marketing would allow you to expand your reach beyond your own control and increase sales.

If you are wondering about who to approach or how to go about with this marketing tactic, Amazon provides assistance in that. Indeed, you can join the Amazon Affiliate Program, which is a simple and free initiative for the sellers’ benefit. And through this, you can find which are the best Amazon affiliate websites, and connect to them directly.

Amazon Demand Side Platform- what is it?

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Another way for sellers in Amazon to bring in customers through marketing is through the DSP or Demand Side Platform. Indeed, it has a lot go of similarities with Google Ads, and the basis of its functioning is through video and text format. It allows sellers to create interesting and attractive ads in a time-saving manner and further redirects the customer traffic to the product listing on Amazon. The main types of ads that you can take up using the DSP are desktop ads, In-Stream Ads (video), interstitial ads (mobile browsers), and mobile banners. While this is a paid service, the effect of DSP is highly positive in creating product and brand awareness.

Overall, Amazon has a lot of influence in the e-commerce sectors, and rightfully so. As a new seller or an experienced one who is just starting online sales, the interface of Amazon would come very handy to you. And the many features of it would make your marketing, and consequently your sales margin, more successful. With the right look and the right marketing plan, you can improve your brand name, increase loyal customer base, and gain profit notably.