SEO Amazon Listing

Important parts of an SEO Amazon listing

The SEO Amazon listing is very crucial for sellers as the highest ranks gain them the most customers. Owing to this, it is understandable why they focus on making sure all the elements are properly handled. The way one can do so is mainly focusing on the reading pattern of the users.

In this article, you would get a better idea about each of the crucial listing elements. Based on that, customers would decide what they like, and that improves the CTR and conversion rates.

  1. Above the fold

These constitute what the buyers get to see when they open the product listing. They are:

  • Name of the product– The product’s title does not only feature the name of the product itself. Sellers can note down specific features of the product as well so that viewers are more inclined to open the link.
  • Image– This gives the potential customers a look at the product they are browsing. Thus, they know if what they are looking for is accurate in what they need and attractive, too.
  • Rating- It appears under the title and showcases the overall rating that users have given. The ranking appears in five stars in total, five being the highest.
  • Amazon badges- This depends on the categories the product falls under, starting with parent category awards like ‘Amazon’s Choice’. Plus, the Amazon SEO agency would list a product badge as ‘Prime’ if they are one. Not to mention, one badge that is present under all Amazon products is regarding their availability, i.e., the ‘In Stock’ badge.
  • Variants- The product variants, if present, appear under the title and the price.
  • Buy Box- This allows the customers to buy a product from their top seller immediately.
  • Bullet points– The bullet points detail the specific features of the product, giving customers more data for their purchasing decision.
  1. Under the fold

In case a customer scrolls downwards, they notice the following.

  • Special offers- In case the shoppers do not buy the product at first glance, they may choose to after seeing the promotions or special offers.
  • What other customers bought– In case the viewer does not buy from the original Buy Box, they can choose any of these related offers.
  • Related sponsored products- These also ensure that the products get a purchase order.
  • Long description- While most buyers make their decision from the above the fold options, Amazon SEO experts suggest detailing a good description too. This is the last convincing attempt.
  • Reviews- This section shows the product reviews from previous customers, which potential customers highly focus on. Since the sellers are bound to praise the product features but the customers are not, a potential customer trusts a good review more.

Depending on this, customers decide if the product is worth buying; so sellers need to make it attractive, informative, and dependable.