Amazon Search Engine Optimization

Manners of using A9 algorithm and improving on it for Amazon search engine optimization

In Amazon, there are many algorithms present that improve the selling potential for brand owners. A9 is one of the most important parts of the Amazon SEO optimization, necessary regarding product searches. This is a type of ranking system that implements the placement of products in the SERP (Amazon search engine results) page.

There are many ways in which this algorithm works, focusing the search query of the shoppers. In fact, keyword optimization is an important part of Amazon SEO, and you can improve your ranking on it. Some ways to do so are mentioned in-depth in this article.

  1. Product tile

When you are adding the product title, an Amazon SEO consultant would suggest to you to focus on the five main pillars. These include color, quantity, brand, material, and of course the product. You need to use the correct keywords in it, but do not add too much.

Certainly, it would put off prospective buyers. Two or three highly relevant keywords are fine for higher CTR. Moreover, the 5-6 works, in the beginning, must appear reader-friendly, short, and explain the product details.

  1. Product price

You should always look at the competitors’ prices to see how much price you have with them. Also, remember to meet their prices for your product. However, if you use a huge price gap, that would not gain your brand customer trust. So, you make the costs affordable and neither too expensive nor too low.

  1. Amazon keyword research

For proper Amazon search engine optimization, you need to use the most useful keywords. So you should do plenty of research on the bestsellers on Amazon, and take the keywords from them. Also, you should practice keyword optimization for SEO to know how to get better conversion.

For this, check the list of keywords to see which has the best traffic potential. Also, you should research what keywords customers search with for a better idea. And you can create some content around the options too.

  1. Product images

Sellers need to add HD quality images for better Amazon product listing optimization, like those with 1000 pixel resolution. Thus, people can zoom the pictures more easily, and that draws customers.

Plus, also make sure that the image you select depicts the product properly. After all, many customers do not read through all titles while scrolling through the product listing. But if they see something that catches their eye, they open it to read further.

  1. Bullet points

When you add information in paragraphs, many customers may not look through them as carefully. Thus, to gain a higher A9 ranking in Amazon product marketing, writing the main features in bullets would help. It is more concise and easier to read, for buyers of all ages, regions, and knowledge. However, when you add the keywords to it, you do not have to worry too much about the placement. There is generally more space in this area.

  1. Product description

While this does not gain as many views as the bullet features or the titles, it is still important to add a good description. So, add the right keywords and try to incorporate positive and emotional sales language.

  1. Stock availability

The products must always stay in stock, or the opposite can reduce your ranking. Thus, any Amazon SEO company would stress the importance of using Amazon FBA or Fulfillment Method for reminders. Then, you can restock in a timely manner. Plus, multichannel synchronized platforms would help you access your different website inventories simultaneously.

  1. Ratings and reviews

Indeed, this affects the ranking too, and sellers need to evaluate. The more positive reviews ensure higher CTR and conversion rates, so it is important for the sellers to answer customer questions promptly.

Overall, improving on all the aforementioned points would consequently increase your product ranking.