Amazon Store Optimization

Ways to improve Amazon Store optimization

There are various parts of the Amazon platform that sellers have to focus on, including the Store. Usually, customers browse through the items they want at this part, and there are many categories they search through. So, for the proper Amazon optimization, it is important to take note of all the different specifications carefully.

Indeed, for the proper control of the Store and selling strategies, you would have to optimize it well. And for that, you need to look at the basics of the process possible on Amazon.

  1. Product titles

The titles of the products sellers list are highly crucial to focus on, and you need to add relevant keywords to it. As a result, customers would gain more interest in checking the product out. You need to use up the entire space, and ensure that it does not include special characters like punctuation, asterisks, and even caps.

Plus, sellers looking to improve their product exposure need to research what suitable product titles are. That would help them create an appropriate yet unique title for their items.

  1. Product description

It is an essential part of the optimization process, and it should appear unique compared to other competitors. When customers see these, they need to know how the products work and what purposes they serve. Thus, it is important for you to mention such details in simple wording within at least 200 words.

Plus, do remember that many people may search for the same product but for different reasons. Therefore, add the features in bulleted points for the customers to read more easily.

  1. Search term, index

An important part of the Amazon Store optimization is optimizing the various search terms. Here, make sure not to repeat any of the same words too much, especially in the description, or in the title. Certainly, the search index algorithm of Amazon calculates product availability, sales history, and prices. This would help you with getting a well-oiled selling store.

  1. Product images

The image is an important part to concentrate on for sellers, mainly because customers focus on the visual example more. The better the picture and the more professional-looking, the higher the conversion rate.

So, you should use images that come in 500 px by 500 px. Also, refrain from using borders, watermarks, logos, or unnecessary texts on the images. And they should have a white background for better sales chances.

  1. Browse nodes

These product codes appear for products in different categories for easier recognition. This results in higher exposure, and sellers can have two codes each for all items.

Focusing on these points, you can optimize your Brand Store and listed products for higher prospects.