Angular for React Developers

AngularJs and ReactJs: key differences between them!

If you are a web developer, you must have heard about both, AngularJs as well as ReactJs. While the former is used to develop dynamic websites and apps, the latter is a library that allows you to build various UI components and create an interactive user interface. Both of them have their own set of unique features. But can angular for react developers a viable option or angular developers use angular? Here are some instances of when to choose angular js and ReactJs.

Features of AngularJs and ReactJs

Both of them have distinct features. Features of AngularJs include:

  • It allows Multimodality.
  • You will be able to find crisp coding techniques in it.
  • Huge community support is available with regular conferences with big IT companies
  • Validation and forms are always available on Angular
  • Built-in support is available for observables and HTTPs
  • Efficient Typescript is found in Angular

Features of ReactJs include:

  • It will save you a lot of time
  • It can be used to develop a user interface in an easier and faster manner
  • User experience is better in React, and performance is great.
  • One direction data-binding and stability of the code is present.

Times when you should choose angularJs

AngularJs is a framework developed by Google, and it should be chosen by web developers when:

  1. When you need a higher productivity output as well as easy and readymade solutions.
  2. When your team has had experience with working with Java and other versions of AngularJs
  3. When you want to develop an app or website that has a complexity level between medium to low.
  4. When you want to develop an app with a lot of features, and this is why angular for react developers is often recommended.

Times when you should choose react

Facebook controls ReactJs, and it should be used when:

  1. You have to develop a website or an app that holds multiple events
  2. When you want shareable components on your app or website while you are working on it
  3. When your web developer has experience in HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  4. When you want a personalised solution for your app or website

Now it is up to the web developers on whether they want to use react for angular developers. You should conduct enough research before you can choose what to work with. Take your time and do not rush with the process.