Angularjs IOS App

Does Angularjs Influence In Mobile Phone Software?

Making a proper mobile application has involved functional descriptive language for the user to understand since the past years. To know application designing for various technologies involved knowing technologies related to iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Each of these has different techniques that participate in making software.

With the launch of a specific technology known as Ionic, it is much easier to become a mobile app developer. It is built in Angularjs that delivers amenities like push notifications. The only thing that needs to be understood for the developer here is the fundamentals in JavaScript and Angularjs.

Angularjs iOS app:

It is possible to build in an application through JavaScript’s Angularjs and later make it well-suited for iOS devices. Other technologies help in making applications accessible to iOS.

How to build Angularjs iOS:

  • First and foremost, a computer with a running apple operating system or which is also known as OS X.
  • Available free of cost on the apple store is another apple designer known as XCode, which helps build applications by avoidance to support iOS.
  • XCode command-line tool that is another development in the MacOS
  • Lastly, an iOS sim to properly start an iOS device


The application that is helping build the Angularjs app will automatically create a structure to begin the project. Folders that are going to be created are going to assist further. Codes are also going to be generated that will make the application run.

It is essential to remember that the application that one is going to use to produce mobile applications will also allow one to create web applications further.

Storage options:

The application Ionic has HTML 5 that comes with plenty of storage options. Local storage is vital, which would also suit the application along with the options that are provided. When the browser is said to be closed even then, Ionic can keep on data. Angularjs, on the other hand, can keep local files termed as angular-local-storage.

Without Objective C:

As one can see that creating an application on iOS is possible even when it seems that it is not. Without the use of Objective C or being a professional in creating applications is easy if one follows simple steps and utilises their web development skills. It is always the beginning at something, and if more assistance is required, then professionals are still there for beginners.