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Designing Basics For An Advertising Agency Banner

Banner ads promotion is a very useful and effective method of promoting a brand or a product. These are visible on many web pages and social media platforms and help with gathering customer interest. And it is a very easy marketing strategy too, linking the offer to the original advertiser’s website. 

A good thing about this tactic is that designing banner ads is not highly complex either. Animation and static advertisements are easy to master and implement. And with the right technical usage and attractive quotient, it is possible to catch customer interest.

Banner Advertising Agency

The main designing elements to focus on for a satisfactory promotion are mentioned in this article.

  1. Decide on the target audience and your brand necessity

The first step towards suitable banner promotion is deciding on the main target audience. Following this, it is important to analyze what features you want the banner ads to have to satisfy their core interests. These include buying limited sale items, checking out the website, or subscribing to your service.

  1. Value proposition

This would allow you to utilize the CTA text and the promotional text on the banner.

  1. Font

Using legible font is very important to focus on in a banner ad. The potential customers should be able to read it well even at a glance against its background.

  1. Standard banner ad size

There are particular sizes of the banners for different promotion types and web pages. Selecting a suitable one for your banner ad is important for the appropriate promotion.

  1. Brand colors

In case the banner ads would appear on different web pages, choosing the brand color as background is important. It would make them instantly distinguishable.

  1. High-quality images

For static banner ads, an creative agency banner appears with images or photos. Using high-quality options is important as users trust them more. Statistically, 54% of the users refuse to click on a banner if the picture quality is low.

  1. Use branding elements

In a good banner ad, the presence of the website link, company name, or logo is crucial. These are branding elements. Adding them to the banner ad proves to the users that the main advertiser is a relevant brand or company. That improves customer trust.

  1. Avoid overcrowding the banner ad

It is necessary to keep the banner ad uncluttered. That would help portray the main marketing message more clearly.