Best Way To Promote Podcast

Tips for the best way to promote podcast

Currently, making podcasts is the new fun thing that many people are getting into. The good thing about it is the fact that one can choose a different concept and theme for their channel. And those who are interested tune in can listen to such podcasts on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, no matter what kind of podcast you create, it is important for you to focus on gaining listeners. For this purpose, you should look for the best way to promote podcast. There are some particular promotion tactics you can take up for this task, and they are mentioned below.

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  1. Social media

Social media is something that most people now have, with so many varieties available. If you are starting out with a new podcast recently, one way you can promote my podcast is through your social media. Indeed, you can post a picture of your podcast, and the ones who are in your ‘followers’ list already would check it out.

Plus, it also helps new listeners connect to you personally, which is something that would make them feel more included. And they possibly recommend it to people they know since they would feel more connected to you.

  1. Guest star in other podcasts

Another best way to advertise podcast is to go on another podcast host’s show. Indeed, this would broaden the customer base for you. To elaborate, if the listeners of their podcast find you relatable, they are more likely to check your podcast out. Plus, considering they are already listening to your host’s podcast, it means that this audience enjoys podcasts in general. So, they would be more accepting of your podcast too.

  1. Bring in guests

When you are starting out with your podcast, one best way to promote a podcast is to bring guests too. This way, their followers would tune in, and that would improve your follower count. Furthermore, if you are inviting someone known as a guest, you can give them pre-written content to post on their feed. That would promote your podcast more.

  1. Link your website

If you have a website already, you should advertise your podcast on that. People who are subscribed to your website or visit it would know how to reach your podcast. Thus, it is one of the best ways to promote your podcast.

  1. Post transcripts

You can post transcripted versions of your podcast, with the best highlights given more prominence.

  1. Host contests and giveaways

One of the ways to promote your podcast is by handling giveaways or contests. For example, you can ask the listeners to post a screenshot of your podcast and tag you. Thereafter, the one you choose, who followed the guidelines you mentioned for the contest best, would get the prize. Here, make sure you pick a prize related to your podcast.

  1. Rating parties

One of the ways to promote a podcast is to handle two-week long rating affairs. For this, you can host parties, giveaways, a real party or live party, etc., during the first two weeks of launch. That would make more people want to join.

  1. 2-3 episodes at first launch

Airing more than one episode at the launch day is one of the best ways to promote podcast. Most people do not stay if you post once-a-week content from the beginning.

All in all, you can promote your podcast well if you follow these tips. There are other options you can try too. However, whatever you choose, make sure it relates to your podcast theme.