Breakthrough Advertising

What do we learn from breakthrough advertising?

Breakthrough Advertising is about how you deliver a message to your viewers. After all, the audience is the main point of concern for the promotion, not simply the company. Thus, through this process, you can acquire the attention of your target people and that would lead to repeat sales.

The most important part of this advertising is the headline. Certainly, this catches the attention of people. And, once it is caught, their interest would stay if something in it interests them highly. Thus, that is what you should focus on; making advertisement attractive and informative. Of course, this involves some levels that you must follow.

Five levels of awareness

  1. The first-level “unaware”- At this level, most of the prospects are not at all aware of their problem.
  2. Second level “problem aware”- In this level, the prospect comes to know about their issue. But, they are still ignorant about the gravity of it.
  3. Third level “solution aware”- Here, the prospect emphasizes their problem and becomes aware of the solution they can get. However, they are still unsure about the product.
  4. Fourth level “product aware”- The prospect is aware of your product and is comparing it with others, to decide on buying.
  5. The fifth level “most aware” – Here the prospect turns into a customer.

The message that we get

Therefore, if you want to make breakthrough advertising a hit, you should reach the heart of the customers. You need to add a uniqueness to the concept that would allure them further. Plus, you need to build a personal connection; people respond to emotion most strongly.

And for that, you need to conduct in-depth research to know your audience’s desires and preferences. Consequently, this type of advertising would help you gain more potential clients,  and improve your brand credibility.