Companies Using Node Js

Benefits of building a website with NodeJS

Developers choose NodeJS technology to develop a website over any other, but do you know the reason behind it? Here in this article, we will try to know what advantages we get if we build our website with Node Js. There are many companies using Node JS to develop web applications for their clients. So, if you want to hire a company to build a website, you first know its benefits.

Facts about NodeJS

A Node JS is an open-source application that is used to develop building website with Node JS. If you want to interpret Google’s V8 JavaScript to JavaScript code, then it will help you with that. It works on a single-thread event-based loop for execution. It has some cons also, but it has a large number of benefits, which makes it so popular and force you to use this to develop your web application.

Benefits of using NodeJS to build a web application

  1. Scalability:

When you use NodeJS, then it will be easy for the developers to scale the applications from both sides. NodeJS also allows you to add extra resources. It is highly scalable, and that’s why it has better options than other JavaScript servers.

  1. Long time support:

With NodeJS, you will get long time support. It has a large community of developers who continuously improve this application for better support.

  1. High performance:

As you know earlier that the NodeJS interprets the JavaScript code through the Google V8 JavaScript engine. Through Google V8 JavaScript engine JavaScript code is directly converted into machine code. This is an efficient and time-saving way to implement a code. It also shows that how you get a high-performance solution with NodeJS in a limited time.

  1. Develop as much application as you can:

With NodeJS, you can develop the applications and software as much as you can.

  1. Works as a full-stack JavaScript:

NodeJS also perform as a full stack JavaScript, which serves both client and server-side applications.

Other than these, there are many benefits which you will get if you build your web application by using NodeJS. It also provides the facility of caching single modules, and it is highly extensible. It also has a great community of developers. By reading the benefits of NodeJS, you can understand why it is so popular for building web applications. If you also want to build an application with this, search for a company that is building website with Node JS.