Marketing and Advertising

Proper understanding of commercial advertising

The type of advertisement that grabs the attention of the public to a particular product or service through paid promotion in different media is known as commercial advertising.

It can serve different purposes, like if you want to promote your product. Or, it works if you just want to educate your customer about a particular offer or a new feature, too. These ads help in building brand identification which in turn differentiates your product from the others. Plus, it helps to target the right audience from the desired media according to your budget. Overall, they follow different techniques to reach a larger audience.

Some of the techniques that commercial ads follow

Commercial advertising always needs to be compelling as well as attractive. This is because TV commercials or online watch videos are easy to switch and users may skip the full ad. So, to make them compelling, advertisers use the following techniques:

Demographic positioning

The advertisers choose the audience according to demographic calculation i.e. according to their age wealth, education, preference, gender, and education. For example, if you are selling a beauty product, the advertisers will mostly market it to the female.

Emotional touch

Viewers usually react to those ads that they feel emotionally connected with. The stronger the message, the longer is its effect on them. Therefore, these ads are usually about friendly memories, happy occasions like a wedding, or moments of support like funerals. So, commercial advertising is very effective when emotionally bonded.


The involvement of influencers, celebrities, or athletes in promoting your product in a commercial can grab people’s attention. After all, people like using products advertised by their trusted ideals. Plus, some may also develop a character of their own to gather the interest of their audience.

Promising effect

When marketing or advertising a product, a promise or guarantee of the benefits of using the product can add a big plus point to your sales. The benefits here should be specific and not general, like a fifteen-day weight gain guarantee. Therefore, this grows a sense of trust among the audience and benefits later.


Commercial with lots of drama gain a lot of viewership. For example, a hero saving a puppy or a child, or a housewife arguing with a shop-keeper which resolves later.

Be smart while choosing and tips to keep in mind!

There are many places where you can advertise, like print media, radio, television, advertising websites, or the internet. You need to know which media will best perform for you and the most appropriate way to present it. Even if it is a boring product, you can market it interestingly by telling a story. Also, remember to be different. Not only from others but also from the previous ad that you made for yourself.