101 Hacks: A Complete Content Writing Solution

Best Content Writing Tips for Beginners and Pro

Content writing in today’s world has gained a bright platform. The world consists of billions and billions of peoples. Most of the population use the internet in the 21st century. The web remains full of contents from a different content writer with diverse knowledge. Freelance writing is nothing new to the world. If you are still unaware of the concept of content writing, then this article might bring light to your knowledge. Are you ready to know more about content writing? If yes, then let’s get into the topic of the day!

What is Content Writing?

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While browsing through the internet or looking for something on your search engine, you must have gone through various exciting articles and contents. These articles and materials are gifts of knowledge to the world from a Freelance writer. Freelancing or content writing is not just about writing articles for various pages. The skill of content writing does not remain bound or collapsed inside the four walls of websites. It also focuses on other exciting things like YouTube content descriptions, new video descriptions, promotional blogs, helpful articles, generic articles, advertisements, etc. Content writing is beyond any limit. In simple words, the act of content writers writing various articles on various topics is known as content writing.

Role of Content Writers

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The most crucial role in content writing is generally of the content writers. There are thousands of content writing services available around the world, who hire content writer to perform the tasks from the clients. Clients are the people looking for content writers to write on their blogs or web pages. The content writing services provide clients with content writers to fulfil their demands.

Many people consider content writing as an easy task. They think writing articles is just based on the existing knowledge of the content writers. If you have got the same idea regarding content writers, then the following article will improve your concept with the truths and struggle the world of content writing goes through.

How exciting is Content Writing?

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If you ask the same question to a freelance content writer, then be prepared because you are going to know a lot of fun facts in this article! Content writing is one of the most exciting jobs you can ever get. Office-based jobs and government based jobs make you sit in one place for hours and work in your specific desks only. You might even get to meet various people from various fields. But in the task of content writing, things are a bit interesting as well as complex here!

People suffer from a wrong concept that content writing or freelancing is an ideal job to only the book warms! But the idea is wrong and miserable. Content writing is present in each corner of the world. There are contents on every possible thing in this world. For example, there are contents on books, product reviews, YouTube channels, games, professions, academics, sports, food, blogs, different companies, different subjects, different places, airlines, travelling routes, tribes, treatments and what not! Ask yourself a simple question, how can a job related to almost every existing thing in this world be perfect for only one specific category of people? Even if you are not into books or studies, you can quickly become a freelance content writer anytime!

Content writing: Struggle or Benefit?

Content writing Struggle or Benefits

The term struggle and benefit co-exist in the world of Content writing. Have you got no idea about the various conflicts in content writing yet? Then worry not, as this article will clear your confusions in just one go!

Initially, you might find SEO content writing a bit confusing and even boring at times. But eventually, when you start cracking the codes in the world of freelancing, you find fun and interest in it! All the struggles turn out to be exciting and beneficial to you after a certain period.

Now the question arises within you. How?

Well, a novice content writer remains unaware of the writing style and tips and tricks in content writing. But with proper experience and research, he or she can find a lot of fun in the job. A single person can’t know everything in this world. There are times when you remain shocked on listening to a particular word or phrase suddenly. Similarly, when you get a new topic on SEO content writing, and you do not know anything about it, it puts you into trouble. But then you have to find out and explore more about the topic given. And in no time, you get a complete idea about a new word or topic at ease!

Each time you come across a new topic of which you are unaware, you gain some knowledge about it on writing fresh content. Gaining experience is never disadvantageous to you. The more you write, the more you learn. So content writing comes with a lot of hard work and struggle, but at the end of the day, you get to learn a lot from it.

Different types of Content Writer

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Like every other thing in the world, there are groups and categories present in content writing too. Are you shocked on knowing there are different categories of content writers in the world? Well, let’s enhance the topic to widen your eyes a little more!

Avoid discrimination: the content writers get paid for writing articles under a particular website or channel. The client would always want the articles to be discrimination friendly. Any kind of discrimination in the articles and blogs can turn out to be harmful to the page and even for you. While writing content, you should not be transparent about your set of discriminating ideas. The discrimination in the article might be appealing to a particular group or category of people reading it. But the article might hurt the feelings of another group of people at the same time. You as a content writer and the page you are writing for would not get enough respect and fame at ease due to the discriminating ideas.

  • SEO Content writers: this category of content writer focuses mainly on the SEO content writings. Search Engine Optimization is their target and aim. This category of freelance writer writes SEO friendly blogs and articles only. The content writers are responsible for creating error-free SEO friendly blogs which people or readers might find interesting. The topics of SEO content writing might be based on various things in the world like travel, tourism, products, services, etc. The contents of the SEO category targets the essential keywords and most searched topics on the web to make the content as SEO friendly as possible


  • Technical writers: there are many content writing companies present all around the world who hire content writer for professional blogs only. The content writing company mainly focuses on articles and blogs related to technical terms and phrases. The technical content writers work on subjects related to electronics, software, hardware, technologies, robotics, biological treatments, chemical terms, guide files on technical papers, etc. The technical writers might be considered to be the most fruitful writers of the era!


  • Editorial Content Writers: the editorial content writers are the most knowledgeable ones due to their tasks on textbooks and educational files. These writers mainly write school books and books for higher education. They even edit online files.


  • Marketing and Communication Writers: these content writers have got the most exciting job type among all the other writers. Have you ever imagined writing in the modern world and the communication systems? Yes, these writers use their communication skills in the best way possible to write blogs and articles related to digital marketing and modernizing world. They keep knowledge of recent incidents going on all around the world to make people aware of the present through articles. These writers keep their articles based on the advertising style to attract more audience. Their work mainly focuses on a social media platform and eye-catchy writing styles only.


  • Report writers: the category involves the newspaper article writer. The writers have to update their knowledge now and then to keep a whole idea about all the recent events happening around the world. Their writings mainly focus on human awareness and public demands. A newspaper article writer or report writer plays a pivotal role in bringing about a global change.


  • Feature writers: have you ever heard about the creative content writer? Well, if not, then you must know that the feature content writers are the creative content writers. The feature content writers write on digital space as well as manually. They keep their mindset always fresh and innovative to write various delightful poems and short stories for people to enjoy them and come to a conclusion at the end. These writers read a lot of books and mainly are interested in literature to focus on the career as a creative content writer.


  • Press Release Writers: the press release content writers are in high demand these days. These content writers mainly focus on business blogs and promotional blogs. Their articles stay bound within the four walls of development and communication. The articles from Press Release content writers are informative and include the details of the business or company they are writing for. These writers keep their articles short and informative. The writing’s best part is the quality.


  • Ghostwriters: do you think about something spooky? Do not worry, as the ghostwriters are nothing related to the ghosts! Ghost is a controversial term to date. Nobody yet knows if ghosts exist or not. The other thing about spirit is that it is invisible to people despite their controversial existence. Similarly, ghostwriters write for companies, business blogs or articles which get published under the name of someone else. In this category of writing, you have to write articles on your own regarding various topics for companies, but you do not get the credit for writing it.


  • Copywriters: do the copywriters’ copy texts from other websites or articles? No! The copywriters have the most exciting job among all the other category of content writers. Copywriters present the most interesting and useful articles to the world now. These content writers mainly focus on recent search topics from people all around the world. You get to know about exciting and unique one-liners for family, relatives and friends too. So if you want to be a copywriter in content writing, then you have to be aware of the recent searches on the world wide web now and then. You must keep an account of the recent entertaining news and searches to win hearts of people.


  • Website content writer: the website content writer is the category of content writers who focuses mainly on website blogs and article. The website content writer works for a particular website or several websites only. The writer does not write articles or blogs beyond websites like social media posts blogs, school texts or YouTube descriptions. The website content writer has to work with a lot of dedication and love towards the particular website which he or she works for. The target of the content writer remains to attract more number of people to the site he or she is writing for. The content writers who work for the websites get paid for writing articles for the websites only. If you are planning to work as a website content writer, then you cannot go beyond the paid articles of a specific website only.


  • Blog post writer: there is a vast difference in the content writing format of blogs, articles and press releases. When it comes to blog posts, the blog post writer has to focus on the friendly tone of writing. The thin line of thread between the generic contents and blog posts mainly depends on the warm or informal way of writing. A blog post writer does the most comfortable way of writing and yet the most difficult one among all. Here is the explanation. When you write a blog post, you have to maintain an informative but friendly content writing style throughout the whole blog. The main motive of the blog post writer is to keep the reader interested in the article all the time. The writer has to be interactive to the audience throughout the content. The writing style of the blog post writer must sound like a piece of advice or suggestion from the neighbour or a very close and known one to the reader. If the blog misses the sense of casualness in writing, it will turn to a generic or promotional content instantly.

Now you know all the categories of content writers present. The question must have come to your mind by now, what you have to do to become a successful content writer. You can go through the following guide further to know every knit and bit about content writing.

How to become a successful Content Writer?

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Are you eager to know about the secret tips and tricks in content writing? If yes, then the following points might surprise you! People consider blog writing service to be a simple, straightforward task. They think writing contents just requires knowledge on the topic and idea about the writing format of articles. It is not at all true! Blog writing service is way more than just the two fundamental concepts in writing. Here is a list of tips and tricks which can help you to become a successful content writer at ease.

  • Purpose of the company: the first thing which a content writer needs to understand is the purpose and need of the content writing company. The content writing company which gets a freelance writer for hire usually gives him or her set of instructions to follow while writing the article, blog post or press release content. The first thing which you must do as a good content writer is to be clear about the need of the company or website you are working for. When the understanding and bond between the client and the freelance writer for hire is good, the work keeps pace with time at ease.


  • Writing style: when you work for a content writing agency, the most important thing you should keep in mind is the writing style which the company wants. The writing style of the content highly depends on the type of content you are writing for. There are several types of a platform where you are asked to write like video scripts which should be engaging, email newsletters which should be formal, keynote speeches to gain the attention of the audiences, social media posts to promote anything or increase traffic, podcast titles to make it sound exciting, white papers about researches, YouTube descriptions to acknowledge the audience about the subject of the YouTube video.


  • Outline: the first and the foremost thing which you should consider before working for a content writing agency is the outline of the topic. Suppose you get a particular topic from the agency on which you have to write good content. As soon as you get the topic on which you have to write on, you immediately get an image of a few things in your mind. You have to use those pictures in your account as outlines of the topic. Without a proper overview of the topic, the inner meaning does not get much support. The summary of the topic acts as an outer structure of the central theme. If you fail to form a persuasive outline, the actual topic does not stand properly. It merely fails to state your points. Create an overview of the topic for content writing by having a brainstorming session with yourself regarding the main subject. You are bound to get a few solid points on the item immediately. We have to note down or remember the aspects of the outline for writing the entire content.


  • Taking guidance from other articles: the most comfortable way you can form an outline is by taking help from a previous post or report on a similar topic. If you remain unaware of the given subject or theme by the article writing service, then you can go through an already existing article of some other content writer from another article writing service to get your ideas and concepts clear. You must not copy the entire content from the file, but just filter out the idea from it.


  • Usage of templates: another common thing which the content writers do to get an idea on the topic is by using models. There are several writing templates available on the internet or on any website which you can use as an example to form your outline on the content topic.


  • Browse: the last thing you can do to form an outline of the content is by simply browsing through the internet by doing searches. You can go through the most popular article available on the web on your topic to form an outline of your content.


  • Easy to consume: there are several website content writing services available whose only aim is to reach more people at a time. When you have to work for such website content writing services, you have to follow a basic rule as a good content writer. The content you write should not be for only a particular group or category of people. The world has got billions of people living it in. Out of those billions, only a small portion knows high-quality English. Your articles or blog posts should not be hard to consume or understand. It should be useful for everyone who knows how to read and write. The language and writing style of the content writer must be easy to understand. Should be available to all people from different categories, standards and races. There must not be even a bit of discrimination.

Engaging content: while reading an article, the readers always judge it if it is exciting or boring. Your article or content must be appealing to all the readers. You have to make the piece sound inspiring and catchy throughout.  Not even a bit of the sentence should make the readers bored. Once a reader finds the article annoying, the traffic would instantly start decreasing in the website or channel. The readers should get enough entertainment from reading the article of the content writer. Once you succeed in making. Than reader happy and will automatically bring in traffic to your website by spreading and sharing the article with others.