Cordova App Development

Cordova App Development Framework for Easy Multi Portal App Development

Most business companies find it a challenging task to build a native mobile application for different mobile platforms. They resort to hybrid app development techniques to develop an application that will be available on different platforms. Hybrid applications are developed with the help of technologies such as JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. However, if an enterprise wants to accelerate the experience of hybrid app development, it can use frameworks like the Cordova app development framework. Cordova is an open-source framework that can be used to make hybrid mobile apps. With the help of the Cordova Framework, developers can build apps that can access the capabilities of native devices with the help of a variety of plugins. There are a few aspects of the Cordova framework that need to be understood. 

Users Get to Witness a Rich Experience 

The interface of applications built through Cordova is extremely user friendly. The user interface runs in a container that is native and occupies the entire screen. However, the native containers are subject to change depending on the mobile operating system in which the application is running. However, the web pages remain unchanged. The Cordova mobile app development framework provides a rich experience to the users across different platforms with proper coordination and coherence. 

Cordova App Development

 Advantages of Cordova Framework

 Given below are some of the advantages of the Cordova Framework: 

  1. With the help of the Cordova framework, one can build hybrid mobile applications that can be run on multiple platforms like Windows Phone, Android, IOS, Blackberry, Ubuntu, etc. 
  2. Working with Cordova requires the knowledge of JavaScript. Therefore, app developers do not have to learn multiple programming languages that have to be used for different platforms.
  3. Developing a hybrid application is faster as compared to developing a native app. Therefore, app development using Cordova can help to save a lot of time.

The Cordova Framework can support all popular platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, Ubuntu, etc. Therefore, a developer can easily build mobile applications for different mobile platforms with this framework’s help. The framework also allows developers to write apps using languages like JavaScript, HTML5, etc. The developer then writes the app. code for once and packages it for various mobile platforms with the help of specific device installer formats. In a nutshell, the Cordova app development framework has made app development easier than ever before.