Cost of Developing an App Like Uber

Can I build an online taxi app with the cost of developing an app like Uber?

People who are coming from large cities can understand how tough to reach a destination at the right time? Because of the lack of parking space and heavy traffic, most people refuse to travel in their car. They usually open their phones and book a cab online with just a few clicks. Because of the high demand for online taxi booking apps like uber, most taxi business owners thought to develop an app. They are searching for the cost of developing an app like Uber on the net. If you are one of them here, you will get your answer!

The popularity of online taxi booking applications:

In recent years, the popularity of online taxi booking applications is increasing day by day. It offers extensive benefits to the entrepreneurs as well as the transport companies. Various mobile app like uber comes to the industry to gain popularity. In the desire to grab this golden opportunity, most people hire app developers to create an app like Uber. But is it possible?

Is it possible to make an application like Uber?

Developing an application like Uber is not a joke! For this, you should have an expert and experienced team of developers. Uber has various features and functionalities that make it popular. If you want the same feature as that, then it took a lot of time. Various cab booking applications are developed and already bought a huge transformation in the transport industry. So, if you want to make your business recognized worldwide, then you have to research more. You should go through the detailed market analysis and features to gain in-depth knowledge. Without having in-depth knowledge, you can’t get an approximate cost to build app like uber

How much it costs you?

To make an app like uber, the first thing which you need is a server. You have to own a server that can process the request of hundreds of user & their data. Along with various types of programming languages are needed like python, pho, Ruby, etc. It also needs an open street map API to find out the location and various payment API.

If you talk about the cost, it costs more to create a web development, design, backend development, design, etc. To design each feature, like uber, needs more time and patience. It all depends upon you and your developer how fast and efficiently you can build an application on a cost to build an app like uber

Hire an expert developer near your location!

To build an application on the cost to make an app like uber, you have to hire a developer with enough knowledge and years of experience. Choose a developer who knows various programming languages and API with frameworks to design & develop applications. Choosing the right developer for your project can transform the overall look. So, take your time, research the site, and hire an advanced IT expert!


Different companies ask for different costs. So, if you want to consider an approximate amount for the cost of developing an app like Uber, then research more. Visit every website of an app development company and request a quote!