Create Google Business Page

Create Google Business Page To Kickstart Your Entrepreneurial Dream

It is common to crave hamburgers in a new neighborhood or need a safe and clean motel to crash the night. Whenever in trouble, you seek Google to solve our woes. Whether you are an up and coming start-up or an established business, listing your business on Google expands your reach. Create Google business page to generate more leads and manage your business better.

Now to manage a business profile, you need to create a Google My Business page. Google My Business is free and helps small and non-profit organizations build an online presence on Google Search and Maps. Whenever a user turns to Google to fulfill a need, they can find your business online and get in touch. 

Features you get when you make a Google business page –

  • Connect with customers – Customers can use your Business Profile to provide feedback or submit queries regarding your business or services. You can respond, interact, and set up alerts. You can also use Google My Business page to post information or notifications. 
  • Enhance your business – Use a Google My Business page to highlight your business’s features and information. You can include the hours with website links, product prices, attributes, and other details. It allows you to make your business stand out. You can edit the page as and when necessary.
  • Use effective SEO – Google has algorithms for ranking the best ads, website, and even Business Profiles. It ranks the most optimized and secure sites higher on search results. Use the Google My Business dashboard to use keywords effectively and perform local optimizations to boost your rank.
  • Gather intel – Google understands how vital market share and trends are for business. Google My Business dashboard allows you to gain insights on customer trends and local search performance. You can track whether users found your Business Profile on Search or Maps while querying. It also includes how your photos are performing and what actions are taking place. There is a way to expand analytics by tracking clicks using UTM parameters and Google Analytics on your Business Profile.

Now we the questions arises – how do we make a Google business page?

Google walks you through the entire process with easy-to-follow steps –

  1. Create a standard Google account to use in your business. It is best not to combine your business and personal use account.
  2. Ensure you have a Business Profile. It can exist even if you did not manually create one before. You can verify that by visiting and see whether your business title populates the search drop-down menu when you look for it.
  3. Now that you have a Google account and Business Profile ready, you can set up your Google My Business page. Select “Manage now” on

Once you provide the necessary information, you are good to go. Access the dashboard for local SEO and business management features. Once you Google my business page create, you expand the scope of Business Profile by claiming it on Google Maps. It is a powerhouse for free local marketing for small businesses.