Digital Marketing Podcast Spotify

Learn the ways of Marketing Podcast on Spotify

In case you want to put up your marketing game, you must follow everything within your capacity. It will help you to understand the trending strategies that you can use to market podcasts on Spotify. Podcasts are considered to be a fantastic resource. It helps to create more targetted audiences and also optimize the content of social media. 

There are tips that are available online that can help you to in growth marketing podcast on Spotify. Let us read about some fantastic ways of marketing podcasts on Spotify. 

Digital Marketing Podcast Spotify

  1. Leverage your guest’s audience

It will be easy for your guests to share by making snippets and also quote images. Podcasts have a format similar to an interview. It allows talking to amazing people. These people also have a large number of great audiences and active followers. To promote podcasts on Spotify, we need to make it simple for our guests so that they can share and promote episodes easily. 

You can follow the idea of sending the fans or the followers with a note the same day the podcast is going to go live. You may also include some series of media that can be shared. Some of them are:

  • Images
  • Pull quotes
  • Status updates
  • Prewritten tweets
  • Links  
  1. Promoting on social media

We are lucky enough to have access to such amazing social media networks that we do. There is much fun and creativity while promoting podcasts on social media. We can share soundbites, teasers, rich media, video, images, and anything we can actually think of. Try to share all of the podcasts on the social networks so that it gets a large number of audiences.

  1. Release three episodes on the launch day

According to some studies, you need to keep a track of the number of episodes that have to be posted on the launch day. Keep the numbers in between three to five. Mainly, the more the merrier. You need to have at least five to seven interviews in your stock on the launch day. It will allow you to select the best three to five episodes that you can post on the launch day so as to attract more followers. 

The multi-launch strategy or podcast promoter is a very good option, to get huge traffic. It will help to:

  • Record and also release podcasts on the launching day
  • Create more audiences before the launching 
  1. Name your video

A very vital thing you must keep in mind while marketing podcasts on Spotify is to repurpose the video as many times as possible. Every episode on the podcast must be added to the YouTube channel. There are ample benefits that you would get from this:

  • The video can be shared on social networking site
  • Closed transcripts and captioning automatically from YouTube
  • Benefits of SEO