Display Advertising

Is display advertising beneficial for your company?

Knowing how this advertising works can provide a lot of advantages in targeting your right audience. To understand the basics of this advertising, first know what it means.

Indeed, one way of advertising includes creating banner ads through images and video that contains some information. Later, they run on a particular platform like social media or a specific area of a website. Display advertising is the name of this concept.

So, if you want to create such advertisements for your brand, you need to keep the following points in mind.

How can it be effective?

Firstly, your display ads must contain images along with the text. This matters because a lot of text would put off many people. So, to convert them into a potential customer, you should always provide a CTA (call to action) link. When you do not do so, users often get lost in the process. Thus, you should focus on this seriously. Not to mention, it is important to choose the right type of display ad as well, since the compatibility can differ. 

Types of display ads

Display advertising has many types and sometimes it is difficult to choose which one is perfect for you. So, for the correct selection, understand what each of them signifies:

  1. Traditional Display ads: This type of ad is the most common type of display ad. They are originally made for websites and contain images with some information written on them. Plus, they come in different sizes such as square, landscape, and skyscraper sizes.
  2. Responsive display ads: These ads contain images with different headlines and descriptions specifically a particular social platform. Indeed, each ad-platform uses a different combination of size and orientation to place it according to their algorithm.
  3. Retargeting display ads: These ads appear in front of those who have already come to your website. Particularly, they visit a page within a given time but leave before completing his or her required action. Thereafter, you can show this ad to them, as a reminder to visit soon and finish the transaction.
  4. Native ads: When you are on a site, you may see a recommendation of content that does not look like advertisements. These come in the same design as the website, and different sites promote them.
  5. Social ads: Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn help with this promotion. Generally, these ads include images, some information, and a CTA link.
  6. Discovery ads: Like native ads, these ads also provide a personalized look for each user that is particularly made for them. And they appear on platforms like Youtube, Gmail social, etc.

All in all, this type of advertising needs personalization and a proper strategy to become a hit. Paid business advertising always provides better results and reach, and can drive a lot of traffic to your site. Therefore, you can give this option a shot for your promotional plans.