Ebay Affiliate Marketing

How Different Is Ebay Affiliate Marketing Different From Other Affiliate Programs?

For those unaware, affiliate marketing is one of the oldest marketing stools adopted for online marketing. EBay, which is a well-known e-commerce platform, also has an affiliate marketing program. The eBay Partner Network is an eBay affiliate marketing program. A publisher can increase their income, diversify their revenue streams, and get credit for the final value fees once their item gets sold.  

ebay affiliate marketing

This article focuses on how eBay’s affiliate marketing program is different from other affiliate programs, which makes it unique and attracts more crowds. 

  1. Low-Joining Threshold: This eBay marketing strategy has a low joining threshold, and they welcome newcomers with open arms. In case you have a new blog in your kit that is not attracting much traffic from Google, you can eBay Partner Network, where you will get a fair amount of traffic. Moreover, the joining process is quite simple and free from hassles.  
  2. Long Term Partnership: eBay has been running its affiliate marketing program since 1995 and has achieved a long term and stable affiliate marketing partnership. If you are looking to publish some item or blog in an affiliate program, you should opt for this eBay online marketing Because of the number of years it has been committed to this partnership program, you will have an excellent long-term partnership with the company that promises a good user experience and high-quality traffic.
  3. Low Payout Threshold:The eBay Partner Network has a low payout threshold compared to other affiliate programs. For example, Amazon, another famous E-commerce site, has a payout threshold of $100. Whereas eBay pays commissions once a time in the month for tor those accounts which have earned more than ten units of their home currency. 
  4. It is Humungous: Just like Amazon, eBay also provides free shipping on several products. However, the difference is that in the case of Amazon, one has to take Amazon Prime membership to avail the free shipping and discounts, but when it comes to eBay, there is no need to pay a membership fee for premium services. With eBay Partner Network, you will never run out of items to promote, and even your followers can blindly trust you when it comes to getting good deals through you, usually with free premium services. 

EBay Partner Network pays your commission through Paypal or direct deposit, provided the country in which you live supports both of them. Hence, the payment process for your commission is relatively straightforward and hassle-free.  

Affiliate marketing is one of eBay’s marketing tools, which have become quite popular due to these minor differences. To join the eBay Partner Network, you, as a publisher, need to follow a three-step process. 

First of all, you need to search for a product you like and trust to promote. Then, you need to create a trackable affiliate link with the help of eBay Partner Network’s easy to use tools. Finally, after creating the EPN affiliate link, you need to share the same everywhere, from your blogs to websites to social media channels.