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Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing

Online marketing has grown into being the most popular marketing methods for most companies in today’s internet-focused market. This has been largely due to the shift of the consumer base from traditional norms to online platforms. A good example of this can be seen from the staggering piece of statistics from Hubspot that states, only 1% of cold calls result in a sale. This just shows how one of the most traditional marketing methods has lost its efficacy in today’s fast-paced regime. 

And leading the field of online marketing is one of its first pioneers, email marketing. Am, email Marketing manager, is a staple inclusion in most companies’ online marketing team and with good reason. 

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is, in simple terms, a broadcast newsletter that a company sends to its consumer base. It can include information about offers, new products, or anything else that improves the email deliverability. 

The key metrics that govern email marketing are:

  • Opening rate: This determines the percentage of email receivers who open the email to view its contents.
  • Engagement rate: It refers to the percentage of consumers opening the email who then interact with the email. This can include viewing offers, visiting the website, sending back a required response, etc. 
  • Conversion rate: This refers to the percentage of email receivers who complete a purchase. 

Via these three metrics, you can easily determine how successful your email copyrighting and marketing has been. 

Make sure products are easy to buy

One of the key factors that improve sales conversion from email marketing is making sure the path between the customer and the checkout portal is a short one. A customer receiving the email should be able to complete a purchase in short and simple steps. A more complicated process is only likely to reduce the sales conversion ratio.

Personalization is key

Targeted content for specific audiences is a great way to generate increased revenue. Email personalization ensures that your customers receive offers and information about products that are tailor-made for them. This encourages them to buy the products more, thus further improving your sales conversion rate. 

Find the right days to send a newsletter

Making sure you identify the best days to send emails key to a successful email marketing campaign. Suppose you are looking to increase traffic for a particular offer event. In that case, you need to send a newsletter promoting it to offer the customers adequate time to prepare for purchases. However, sending in the newsletter too early before the event can result in customers forgetting about the event altogether. This can be avoided by making sure you send in a reminder email before the event. Similarly, email marketing before weekends usually generates larger sales, as consumers can use their weekends for shopping. 

There are a lot of avenues of online marketing in today’s market. Email marketing continues to be one of the simplest and trusted ones. So, if you are a company that is looking to generate a steady customer base and improve sales, email marketing is the way to go.