Email Marketing: A boon in the life of all Businesses

Ultimate Email Marketing Techniques 2020 (Beginners + Advanced)


Almost all the people in the world now have an email address. From the moment it was born, it ushered an era of modern communication. The first email was sent in the 1970s, and if you look at that message, it doesn’t hold much meaning. However, it is a critical junction in our history as it is the start of a brilliant mode of communication.

Emails soon covered the market and have made letters obsolete. Of course, with the rise of emails, its commercial value was also understood. A marketing manager realized its potential and used email to reach out to potential customers. His name was G. Thuerk, also known as the ‘father of spam.’

After this amazing incident, it was found that many others joined him and realized that it is one of the best ways to increase sales. Although many people now consider email marketing to be losing its ground and complain that it does nothing but generate spam. Its actual potential can be easily understood by the number of people who open marketing mails and become customers.

The competition is fierce as the novelty of email marketing has waned away. Still, it becomes an undeniable fact that a well-crafted email has the potential to be a reliable source to attract potential customers. It is one of the most versatile and cost marketing tools that cannot be ignored. It is not only a tool that is used by multinational companies but also small businesses those affordable marketing solutions. Most email marketing for small business has given them visibility and made them reach their sales goals much quicker.

What is Email marketing?

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Email marketing falls under the broad category of digital marketing. It is one of the tools of an effective digital marketing plan and can be defined as the process of sending emails to prospective customers who can be turned into buyers. The emails are also sent to other companies in the hope of partnership. Email marketing is also used to convert one time customers into loyal returning ones.

By the above definition, you can understand that effective email marketing has a lot of potentials, and its job is to generate sales for you. The explanation sounds almost too easy, but that is not the truth. Just having a list of email addresses is not enough. Proper email marketing solutions and strategies are required to have a successful email marketing campaign. This is why most companies hire email marketer. They are professionals who are equipped to help you deal with any email marketing campaign for your company.

How to get your hands on an email list?

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If you are looking for a way to get an email list, most unscrupulous individuals are going to give you the advice of purchasing an email list. This is not only ineffective but also unethical. There are many email marketing services company that you can hire to help maintain an email list. The best email marketing companies will tell you that if you send emails to people who have not signed up for your business, then most of the time, your mails will go to the spam box. You will see how ineffective email blast service is and your marketing campaign will fail.

If your mail gets flagged as spam, then any email sent from the same IP address will be treated as the same. You do not want the mail that you have designed after a lot of effort to go to waste by sending emails to people who were interested from the very beginning. There are many email marketing services company that helps individuals combat this problem.

This is why it is best that you do not use a purchased email list or emails acquired from third party sources. If you are looking for strategies of email marketing for small business; it may seem that the vast numbers of mail IDs obtained from third-party sources can increase your potential customers. This is far from the truth. Any excellent email marketing services for small business will ask you to rely on practical strategies and ask permission from the people who will receive the emails.

Unscrupulous methods of acquiring email lists do not work. Do not waste your time and money on an email blast service. You must let the people be in control of the mail they receive. The people will not feel annoyed, and you can reach actual people who are interested in your product.

How can you grow your contact list?

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Suppose you do not purchase a big list of email addresses then what should be your next step. If you are unaware of the paths to take you should contact an ecommerce email marketing firm. A professional email marketing consultant will show you the most effective route to take.

You will notice that your return of investment becomes highest when you maintain your subscriber list and update it regularly. Of course, this subscriber list is made up of those people who have opted to receive messages from your company. This choice that you are giving them makes them more appreciative of your work ethic.

Nobody wants to get bombarded by unnecessary emails. Your focus should be on reaching out to people who will be interested in your product. To make people sign up for the mailing list, get them to fill up a signup form which will be on your website.

You will see many websites offer newsletter signup options when you visit them. If the individuals who are visiting your website like what they see; they will fill-up the form to remain updated about your products. You can also do sign up drives through different social media platforms. This can be effectively done by engaging people who visit your social media account to sign up to the newsletter.

Make sure that the opt-in form that pops up when people visit your website or advertised in other social media websites has the power to attract people. The forms should have colourful visuals and engaging headlines. This will draw people’s attention to the description of your services.

If they are interested in your services or products; they can fill out a simple form. Do not ask too many questions as you do not want to waste people’s time. The subscribe button should also be quite prominent so that people can just click it and be a part of your newsletter list.

You can make things more exciting by giving people incentives like discounts or prices if they sign up for the newsletter. Try to use an effective lead magnet. If you have never heard the term lead magnet, then do not worry as it is straightforward to understand and also implement. Basically, you can offer digital materials that do not take much time to create or money to procure in exchange for the visitors’ email ID.

You can offer ebooks, music files, a chance to attend a webinar, free trials, coupons, etc. These are incentives that you can use to engage and build your relationship with your potential customers successfully. With fun lead magnets, your customers will see the benefits of using your services or products, and you can tap this source for creating lifelong loyal customers.

Finding a proper email marketing service provider and having an appropriate list of mailing is two of the most important things you need for a successful email marketing campaign. Without these two you will be wasting your resources even if you have a brilliant marketing campaign. Having a brilliant idea is not enough; your plan should reach the right people.

How to get the best email design?

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Reaching the people who have shown interest in your product is not enough. You have to keep them interested. A drab and boring email will not be able to hold the attention of your customers. We are not urging you to make a clickbait as they can be quite annoying, and your potential customers will become wary of your approach. This can create a problem for you, as many can unsubscribe to the newsletter. You need them to remain interested and click on the link that you sent them.

Even if we say that we should not judge a book by its cover, we are all guilty of it. The best way to keep your customers interested is by using targeted email marketing services. Every single aspect of the mail should be given priority. The content of the mail should be well-researched, and the templates used should be eye-catchy. The colour, the fonts and layout to the images used- everything is critical.

You have to understand that, every single day the individuals who have signed up for your mailing list are receiving thousands of other emails. If that is the case, why should they open yours? This is why you need to create the perfect email which draws their attention.

How to find the best email marketing agency?

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If you are looking for some of the best ways to make your email marketing campaign work, you should go for a successful email marketing agency. With professional help, you will be able to generate proper conversion rates and make the most out of your campaign. An adequate email marketing company will help you achieve your goals while saving your money.

If you look online, you will see there is no shortage of email marketing agencies. However, you need to look for the best one for you so that you can get the highest rate of investment. To find the best email marketing service, you need to do some necessary homework. Without proper research, you may get stuck with a less than favourable marketing company who will sink all your efforts to rise to the top.

Some things that you cannot avoid while searching for the ideal email marketing company

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• Your company’s marketing needs

Before you look for the list of the best digital marketing forms, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Figure out what your company wants from the agency and how much you are willing to spend to reach your goal. If you can narrow down or pinpoint what you want from the company, you will be able to save a lot of money and resources. Whether it is boosting your online presence or designing the way customers view your brand, whatever may be your goal, it should be the focal point of your search.

• Make sure that the agency works according to your needs.

The company that you are going for should be able to meet your needs without offering you unwanted packages. That can be many new creative offers that excite you, and many companies offer many digital marketing packages that may seem worth but come with a considerable price tag. Do not go about spending money that you don’t have in the hope that the marketing campaign will be absolutely successful. Your goal should be your number one priority and the company that is offering to help you reach it without burning of a hole in your pocket.

• Do background research on the agency that you have your eyes on.

Before you settle down on the digital marketing agency that catches your eye; you should perform a thorough background investigation. Make sure that the company you are choosing does the task that they are claiming to do. You do not want a company that is all shiny and glittery from outside but does not follow through with its promises.

You should be able to access the testimonials. See how their previous clients are saying about their performance. Take as much time as you require to figure out which agency is right for you. If you give that email marketing company a lot of money and then do not get the right results, it is going to be a massive loss for you.

• Make sure to read the terms of services provided by the marketing company carefully.

After you have locked down on your choice and want to pursue them as a full-time agent for your email marketing, you should read the fine print that they offer it. Many companies sneak in a lot of things in the ‘terms and conditions.’ Be sure to read it properly before you settle down. Every single line should be taken into consideration. When doing business, you should never do anything half-heartedly as it can cost you money.

• Make sure to ask all your queries and see if they can answer adequately.

If you have any queries, you should be able to get them cleared before signing any deal. The email marketing agencies should be able to reassure you regarding the services. You can ask them for some campaigning examples and also so ask them who are going to work on your project.

If the company is not transparent and you feel unsatisfied with answers, do not go for a deal. Even if they offer a lucrative price, you should be aware that if they do not complete the task satisfactorily, it is going to cost you more money in the future.

They should also be able to tell you how you can understand the return on investment as well as calculate the results. You want an agency that will deliver the promises that we will meet you.

• Hold a face-to-face meeting to get the assurance that you need.

Holding a face-to-face meeting even if it is via video call is very important. This way, you will be able to have a proper conversation and see if their work ethic as well as their personality in tune with yours. You want to work with email marketing that will be able to solve all your problems as well as be professional.

• The company lets you test out campaigns from beforehand.

An excellent email marketing service is going to let you test your campaign before launching it. Testing your campaign is a brilliant way to check if they are useful. You are going to send your mails to a small group of people to see how well they are performing. It is the most scientific way to understand if you have a winning email campaign strategy at your hand.

Some amazing strategies for email marketing

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You can very well understand that just sending an email with the right information is not enough. You have to design the mail in such a way that the people read that information. It is not an easy task, and that is why we need the help of targeted email marketing services. A right email marketing agency.

1. Use proper personalization to make the email better.

It has been found that personalized email marketing that most people think is not effective. Most people believe that adding the person’s name when sending the email is a very well designed strategy, but it is harmful. Many people get worried about cybersecurity, and when they see their identity in the mails; they may get paranoid and add due to the spam list.

To do a proper personalized email marketing, you should not rely on the age-old method of adding the person’s name. Don’t try to fake familiarity with your subscriber. Use personalization effectively by keeping in focus their individual choices.

Mails with their past purchases or content that they are interested in would be perfect. Just adding someone’s name to the mail is not personalization.

2. Segmenting your email list

You should segment your email list. Segmenting your email list is very important as you can group mail ids and prioritize the ones who are returning customers. This is also very useful in creating personalized emails. You can group people who like a specific product and send them relevant emails.

This is also important in making sure that you are not sending too many emails to your potential customers and annoying them into adding you into their spam list.

3. Filtering your email list

After segmenting your email list, you should also consider filtering it out regularly. Filtering your mailing list is very important in making sure that your loyal customers are given the highest priority. Those mail IDs that are inactive for a long time should be kept apart.

You can try re-engaging participation from inactive mail IDs. But, that should be a different campaign. Personalized emails to those accounts which are inactive, asking them what is the reason for the absence gives them a voice. This way, you can re-engage their interest and also health better your marketing strategies.

4. Creating the perfect subject line

Creating the perfect subject line that does not cross the dead zone of subject length should be kept in mind. The ideal subject line will attract potential customers to click on the email.

An adequately designed subject line should not be 60 to 70 characters. It has been found in a study that the open rate of emails with 60 to 70 characters in the subject length is almost negligible. This way, even if you have a brilliant campaign, it is going to remain unseen by your potential customers.

It has been found that email marketing companies using subject lines with less than ten characters have an opening rate of more than 50 per cent. This may not seem like a huge number, but if you look at the real conversion rates, you will see it is a lot of money.

5. Producing top-notch content

Another thing that should be understood is that the content you are producing should be of brilliant quality. The email body should be designed correctly, and the write-up should be without any errors. The information should be crisp and concise so that people can read the whole thing in just a few minutes.

Do not use jargons or over-complicated language. You can also offer free content to keep people interested. Everybody likes free things, and it has been proven that emails with freebies are the ones that get open the most.

6. Sending the mail at the right time

Many people are confused as to which time is the best time to send the mail. It has been found at 8 p.m. is perfect for most email campaigns. Especially the time between 8 to 12 midnight, it is the best time for increasing your sales. You have to keep in mind that for b2b email marketing, the timing will depend upon business times of your place.

7. Designing the mail body in a way that it looks attractive regardless of the device through which it is opened.

Most people design the email in such a way that when viewed through a laptop or computer, it is going to show the best picture. You should be able to design the mail in such a way that even if it is opened through a phone, it is going to look as attractive as it does through a computer. The email should be equipped to be viewed through any device of your customer’s choice.

Advantages of email marketing

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There are many advantages to email marketing. It is one of the most effective ways to make your company a household name. There are many email marketing services for a small business which let those voices to get heard who cannot afford costly advertisements or billboards. That’s why you can understand why this form of marketing is still extremely relevant even though people think of it as spam.

Given below are some of the advantages of email marketing. It will show you how effective they are and why you should get hold of the best email marketing service near you. Just hire email marketers and get ready to enjoy these email marketing solutions and benefits.

• Cheap marketing solution to boost sales

It has been found that email marketing is one of the most intelligent ways to make your brand known. Email marketing campaigns are more effective than any social media marketing platforms. This form of marketing is also useful for small companies looking for b2b email marketing solutions.

• Reach out to an interested consumer

Email marketing is a fantastic way to contact potential customers as they are signing up for your newsletter. This gives your customers a chance to be in control of what content they want from you. It also allows you to make one time customers loyal by using one of the most affordable marketing tools.

• Helps build credibility and helps improve relations.

You will find that email marketing services are amazing in engaging all customers as it helps you get feedback. Depending upon the number of click-throughs achieved by email marketing, you can understand what your customers want. You will also have a lot of data gained from the email marketing campaigns to help design future ones.

• Increase your geographical reach

You will be able to reach customers overseas. This is why you will find that best email marketing companies offer new packages to reach out to global customers as you never know when potential consumers are residing.

FAQs about email marketing

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• What is e-commerce email marketing?

Ecommerce email marketing or email marketing is a kind of digital marketing where your services and products are mailed to you interested people. It is one of the most foolproof strategies of digital marketing that is utilized by most companies.

• How effective is email marketing?

Email marketing is extremely useful. It is considered to be 40 times more effective than social media marketing. As more than 90% of internet users have at least one email account, you are likely to reach to people through email more than social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

• How long does email marketing take?

An email marketing campaign does not take a lot of time. It is very easy to set-up, and with the help of professionals, you will be able to start one within days.

• Is email marketing cheap?

Email marketing is extremely cheap and affordable. Even if you are a small company, you can make yourself known through email marketing. If you hire a marketing agency, it is going to cost you some money, but the return investment is far more significant. A successful campaign is what many small companies depend upon to make themselves known and gain loyal customers.

• Can you hire people to do email marketing for you?

Yes, you can take the help of an email marketing consultant. Many people, even if they are technologically quite advanced, do not know how to run a successful email marketing campaign. For this reason, there is the existence of many email marketing agencies who are equipped to handle your marketing campaign effectively. They are going to take your plan and then polish it so that it can generate proper revenue.

• What are the different kinds of email marketing content?

There are many different kinds of email marketing, like interactive videos, offers, discounts, puzzles, etc. The content of email marketing depends upon what services and products you are selling. It also depends on your customers.

Do not wait any further. Hire the best email marketing agency near you and see how they can transform your sales. This article has really made you understand that email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your potential customers. It is a trusted tool to make your customers know about your products but also to build a relationship.

It is very costly to rely on traditional forms of marketing as it is only useful for well-known brands. Small businesses suffer the worst from this; to combat this problem, you have to connect to your customers with an effective email marketing plan. The professionals at an email marketing company will give you the best solution at a nominal cost.

If you want to go above and beat all of your competition and reach your sales goal faster; do not rely on ineffective marketing strategies. Hire an email marketing service provider and revolutionize your marketing campaign. Use proper email marketing services and see how you can rise to the top.