Facebook Ad on Instagram

What are Facebook ads on Instagram? Get details of the Facebook ads and Instagram ads. 

Facebook owns Instagram and two of the platforms have almost the same tools for advertising. You can use Facebook ads on Instagram to create ads that run on Instagram. You can also customize many features and audiences and also monitor your ads. 

Choose your objective

Make sure you have got one Facebook page. Connect your Instagram account and Facebook page to Facebook business manager.  It’s time for you to create content for your Instagram ad. There are many objectives for Facebook ads. Some of them are:

  • Reach 

Helps to showcase your ad to many people who are your target audience

  • Traffic 

Helps to increase as many followers as one can by the help of one click

  • Brand awareness 

Helps to create an awareness of the brand among the users who have not heard of it yet.

  • Conversions 

Sign-up conversions and drive sales on your app or website

  • Engagement

Helps to increase the number of likes, comments, shares, responses from events

  • Lead generations

Helps to gather potential leads from the users who click on the ad posted

  • App installs

Enables the users to download the app when they go through the ad

  • Video views 

Notify the users who watch the videos you post and mostly like it

  • Catalogue sales

Increases the sale of the product from the online catalogue provided

  • Store traffic

Users are directed to brick and mortar location

  • Messages 

Enables users to send messages

Benefits of ads

Promoting ads on Instagram has many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Users get maximum awareness of your brand and it makes them create a surge. The recognition of the brand reaches the maximum level. It helps to get connected with the targeted audience directly.

Try to stay connected with the audiences by reverting on their comments and sharing UGC as much as you can. 

  • The views on the ads will help you to target audiences who can turn into loyal customers. The contents of the ad are liked by users can help you to understand what kind of contents you can post later. Posting irrelevant ads will not make any sense if not liked by active users. 
  • You will be able to analyse the engagements of the users on your Instagram ad campaigns. Users will be engaged in your ad by commenting on the video or liking the video. You will also get questions related to your product on the social media platform. 

Your answers in the comment section will make a difference to drive purchase. The user who is commenting is not only a target audience but the ones seeing your answers as well. 

  • Instagram ads are directly linked with Facebook ads. You will get the benefits of both social media platforms. Facebook ads will provide you with a great campaign customization option, multiple formatting, capabilities of targeting the audience along with high engagement of Instagram. 

The bottom line

Facebook ads on Instagram will provide you with multiple options to uplift your brand. You need to make use of a proper ad campaign to increase the awareness of your brand among the users.