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Tips For Making Relevant Content That Any Facebook Advertising Company Would Promote

When you are promoting a brand or its products, it is very important to make good content. Without the right kind of content, the user’s interest would stay in the lower margins. Thus, a Facebook advertising company would stress the need for high-grade marketing content.

In this regard, if you follow the points below, you can create good content that would successfully attract attention. And as a result, the brand image and conversion rates would increase, as many advertisers have seen in many cases.

  1. Variety

First and foremost, it is important to have a lot of variety in the kind of content present on a brand page. That would ultimately attract more customers, who are interested in different mediums. For example, articles and photos are good promotional Facebook ads for dentists or other professionals for their practice.

Other relevant content styles advertisers can add are blogs, press releases, videos, etc.

  1. Contest promotion

Another type of content that attracts customers and increases brand awareness is contests. It is necessary that the main organizer only promotes through Facebook and does not host the contest on their page. Using a third-party app is the allowed manner of hosting such Facebook contests. Adding winning prizes, discounts, and coupons catch more people’s attention, too. 

  1. Interrogative ending

Indeed, many advertisers attest to the use of question marks at the end of the content post. As a result, the viewers would have something to answer in the comments and that improves engagement levels. Furthermore, it is important to make sure that the content you post matches the brand’s concept. 

  1. Add a relevant CTA button

Facebook ad experts are positive about the effect of the CTA button for proper promotion for Facebook business pages. There are many types of buttons to choose from, depending on the content matter. Some options include:

  • Play game
  • Use App
  • Shop Now
  • Watch Video
  • Shop Now
  • Contact Us

The next step is to link them to the different contents like an opt-in page, contact form, website landing page, or a video. You can choose which you prefer based on your goals for conversion.

  1. Simple post

Many users notice a lot of different content and ads on their news feed. Thus, it is important that you do not add to the clutter by making your content relevant and stand out. Consequently, adding something attractive like a high-definition photo would attract sufficient attention. And it would increase the likelihood of viewers clicking on the link.

  1. Proportion of posts

It is very crucial to maintain a good balance in the kind of content visible on a page. If there is a similar theme in all the content one publishes, that would get lower engagement. Thus, it is important to proportion the posts in the 70-20-10 format.

70% of the content needs to be original, 20% customer interest-oriented, and 10% self-proportional content. A Facebook ad consultant would suggest mixing this with call-outs, questions, etc., to add variety.

Overall, if you keep the given points in mind, you can create relevant content that has a high conversion-rate increase potential.