Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Know the basics of Facebook and Instagram marketing

Facebook is considered to be the big guy when compared to Instagram in the case of marketing. It has also got many users than Instagram which makes it among the top of the social media platform. But Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. 

With active users browsing the internet more time it makes Fcebook and Instagram marketing more powerful. Brands get a lot of opportunities to make an engagement with potential customers.

Active users

There are many active users both in Facebook and Instagram and it allows a large number of users to go through many brands. There are 2.38 billion active users on  Facebook and 1 billion active users on Instagram on Instagram. They get a chance to have an engagement with 65 million small businesses on Facebook and Instagram.

Majority of the brands rely on Facebook and Instagram marketing for the growth of their brand. 74% of Facebook marketers and 65% of the Instagram use this platform more to promote their brand along with proper strategy. Both of the platform’s statistics are very spectacular especially in terms of engagement. 


Sometimes creating a strategy for social can be challenging but if the demographic data is considered the planning can be easier. There are different age group audiences on both social media platforms. Depending on the age group the brands conduct their social media marketing. 

The services and products that the brand will be offering also depend a lot upon their followers. You cannot expect to gain more by advertising anything without considering all the factors. 


A brand must understand the difference between the functionality of both social media platforms. You can provide a maximum of information on Facebook and expect a good outcome from the audiences. But in the case of Instagram, it is all about capturing moments and engagement. 

Facebook and Instagram serve different purposes, therefore, the marketing strategy for the platforms are also different. Facebook and Instagram marketing also enables brands to showcase their products on the digital platform. It helps to convert the users into loyal customers. 

The bottom line

Facebook and Instagram marketing is a new trend and it is much more beneficial if executed properly. You can work smartly from the comfort of your house and experience a positive result.