Facebook Marketing Podcast

Facts you need to know to Promote Facebook Marketing Podcasts

Promoting your podcasts on social media is not accessible but also affordable. It is  considered as an effective option to find new listeners and also promote new content. There are 2.41 billion active monthly users. It has the broadest reach of any of the social networks by far. 

If 49% of 12-34 years old and 40% of 35-54 years old active users are considered to listen to podcasts, choosing facebook becomes really effective. It helps to reach new targeted audiences also. Facebook is a versatile platform as a growth and marketing tool for podcasters. 

You will be able to create custom ads and audiences that can target exact audiences whom you want to listen to your podcasts. Pages can also be created to distribute and promote audio content. All you need to do is know the right steps to promote podcasts on Facebook and convert casual scrollers to potential subscribers. 

Facebook Marketing Podcast

  1. Create a proper Facebook Marketing Strategy

First you need to understand the importance of understanding the marketing strategy for podcasters. It is an effective platform to promote your podcasters therefore everything needs to be done very carefully. It is also a competitive platform. 

If you are lacking a marketing strategy, it would be more like standing in the middle of a packed railway station. As a podcaster, you are always competing for the time, their ears and attention of other people. You are actually trying to interrupt them of what they are doing and at the same time engage them to listen to your episode, teaser or a trailer. 

  1. Understand the flow of the listener

The listener acquisition flow is much similar to the marketing funnels. While promoting good marketing podcasts, you need to break the stages of the potential listener before they tend to become a fan or a subscriber of your podcast. To be specific, through the help of marketing you can acquire new listeners and also grow the podcasts. 

Understanding the flow of the listeners is very important to get successful podcast marketing. And especially this must be followed with facebook as there are a number of competitions for the audience’s attention and time. 

The process of promoting is not so simply at all.

  1. Create better awareness

There are two ways by which you can get better awareness for your podcast. One is through paid podcast promotion and the other includes use of non-paid distributions or ads. Non-paid promotions are vital for brand awareness. You can hold live streams for your podcasts at the same time record the live streamings. 

The quickest one you can follow is to set up a facebook page for the podcast. It is considered to be the simplest marketing tactic. It can be achieved in seconds and is considered one of the easy ways to  start growing awareness and also building the authority for your podcast brand. 

Always opt for breaking your audio into audiograms or captioned video clips. These are the podcast promo videos. People will scroll and view according to their own pace. No one will listen to the podcasts within their facebook feeds. Filming the podcasts is brilliant for repurposing YouTube and is also an extra material to work to produce engaging clips. 

It will help to promote paid ads or your feed. Podcast promoter can create an amazing brand awareness.