Flipkart Affiliate Program Closed

What is the reason for the Flipkart affiliate program closed?

The Flipkart affiliate program is a more significant source of earning commissions by placing the product’s banner or sharing links on your websites to refer the users to the website. This helps you in earning 12 percent every time a banner was visited by the user and purchased. But at present, there is no such program available by Flipkart affiliate program closed. 

How does an affiliate market work?

The affiliate market works when the visitors visit the website from the host of the personally designed tools. This can earn money when visitors click on your website’s links or the mail link shared to the user by you and purchase. The wide range of options in the affiliate program led to multiple avenues for joining your website with Flipkart. One needs to add more customized content to grow and value the website. The product sold gets eligible to earn the referral fee when the user clicks through the unique link provided on your blog or website.

Why was the affiliate program by Flipkart closed?

The Flipkart big billion days, when the Walmart leader offer possessed the Flipkart, led to the affiliate marketing of Flipkart. After the acquisition received from Walmart, Flipkart deducts the commission, and it has capped the sales done through the affiliate partners. Over the past years, the online market has boosted to a higher level from the affiliates in the range of 50 percent to 90 percent.

The smaller Flipkart affiliate percentage has lost face in their business. It has decreased from 80 percent to 90 percent. This got confirmation from many affiliates where they have received emails from Flipkart. The affiliates who were earning lakhs through Flipkart were now earning at the rate of thousands.

The company has also reduced the commission level from 7 percent to 10 percent in fashion and accessories. It has also deducted the commission in smartphones sales like Samsung and various other manufacturers.

This has created a problem for the smaller business. This has led to more struggling for the smaller affiliate. The Flipkart volume has decreased from 80 percent to 85 percent. With much struggle, the company has fought on bringing to 60 percent from the lost business.

Since the cutting down of the Flipkart commission can led to a decrease in the order volume from affiliates. The Flipkart affiliate program closed decision comes after the acquisition from Flipkart. This has a point out that led to several changes in e-commerce. The deal of Walmart and reconstructing in the affiliate programs could be a strategy or a more extensive play. However, the company has resumed its affiliate program. The bloggers get benefits through these affiliate’s programs, and therefore many affiliates were the bloggers.