Flipkart Affiliate Program Sign Up

Essential steps required for a Flipkart affiliate program sign up

The Flipkart affiliate program sign-up follows several steps, which provides one with earning more profit through commission. The commission is earned not through much effort but by creating great content and promoting the affiliate links. The Flipkart affiliate programs help you earn more through the content. One needs to reach the targeted audience who will buy the products. These are possible by creating an affiliate account.

Why is an affiliate program necessary?

The Flipkart affiliate market is wholly based on performance. The affiliates get the commission when the users reach the affiliate link provided by the affiliate. The commission is received when people buy the products. The more users buy the product through the affiliate link provide by you, the more commission you received.

How to sign up for the Flipkart affiliate program?

To create the Flipkart affiliate account, visit the Flipkart affiliate page and go to the registration form. You need to fill the registration form providing all the details like name, email, and password. Once the registration form was generated, it gets verified through OTP. The first thing for signup is to generate the OTP through email. Through the email, a onetime email is received.

The same process was necessary for mobile number verification. After the verification, it is essential to look for the terms and conditions and if you agree to it, then proceed forward.

Once the registration is complete for the Flipkart affiliate program, the next process is to customize the Flipkart affiliate tracking id. Every tracking id is unique, which measures the sale provide to the individual affiliate partner.

The other process is easy. Once the account gets open, you will receive a warning message that prompts you to upload some required documents. 

Once the document is uploaded, you reach the threshold amount. The maximum amount for the threshold is Rs 2500 for EGV and Rs 5000 for the EFT. Once the documents get uploaded, the Flipkart website will need around 10 to 15 days for the verification. After completing the affiliate marketing Flipkart login, the further step is to give details for the process of generating your commission.

To start the earning through the Flipkart affiliate program, these details need to fill out:

  • Account: 

You must provide details like name, country, address, and number in the session of account information. It is essential to have all the documents of the one who is creating the account.

  • Website: 

If you already have a website, click on the website details section and provide the website URL. The one who does not have a website needs to buy a domain and the hosting to create a website. This process hardly takes 15 minutes.

  • Payment: 

In the payment information section, you were asked to provide the user country name and type affiliate. If the account is not for an organization, you need to select an individual and if you are an organization, click on the organization option. Indian users are needed to provide the details of the pan card.

If you want an EFT mode of payment, you need to provide the bank details, and it is necessary to upload the canceled cheque and pan card.

If you want an EGV mode of payment, it must provide the address proof and upload the PAN card. The EGV method of payment couldn’t be used for buying Flipkart products.

So these are the steps needed for Flipkart affiliate program sign up.  This will help sign up and the other process that is important for generating the commission.