Flipkart Influencer Program

Why should one consider the Flipkart influencer program in India?

The Flipkart influencer Program is entirely based on performance, which is an advantage. The influencer receives the commission once the follow-up action takes place. As the influencer motivated highly and was drove to make sure the conversations occur, it creates no room for driving the traffic. There always have a constant value adding up to the company. This is an investment with low risk, which helps in expanding marketing efforts. 

Why consider the Flipkart influencer program?

  • Internal technology

This is the early beginner of the influencer marketing program. The technology was developed internally. It means Flipkart has a better understanding of control for the requirement of the publisher.

  • Wide variety of products

Flipkart affiliate India is considered the best program compared to other affiliate programs. The reason is due to the heavy traffic on the site. A variety of products are available on the Flipkart website. This has encouraged millions to visit the site, which also gains the traffic for other influencer sites and their portals. A large number of products were promoted, with accurate tracking and with a competitive fee. At the same time, the highly punctual professionals and managing team during the fee payment.

  • Affiliate Panel

The website offers a reliable and informative influencer panel. The program was made for the one who provides a real-time update. The program’s payments of influence have never been an issue as it is always provided on time. It manages through efficient professionals.

  • The high conversion rate

The websites provide a high conversion rate, which is counted as best with India. The excellent services and the competitive price show the proportional value of sites.

  • Tools

A wide range of tools is available in the influencer marketing program. It ranges from simple widgets and banners to APIs. Through APIs, the various deals, apps, and products were visible on your site.

  • Commission

The various commissions provides by the Flipkart influencer program is varied with the categories of products: 

  1. Books and e-learning- 10% 
  2. Toys and school supplies- 10 %
  3. Gold and silver- 0.1%
  4. Household supplies- 10%
  5. Baby care products- 10%
  6. Fragrance and beauty products- 10%

Except for this, Flipkart also pays the commission for the app installation from the influencer’s user.

ReportsFlipkart provides the reports in real-time. These are necessary for keeping track of the activity through the links. This also helps to know all the categories’ performance and conversions, optimizing the campaign program. The influencer program does the work of Flipkart advertising agency in a more straightforward process.  

Hence the Flipkart influencer program is considered, which benefits the influencer based on compensation and is the best program provider compared to other programs; hence it is mostly considered by the influencer.