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GetResponse Affiliate And The Challenges In Affiliate Marketing

At first, it is essential to understand what the affiliate program is. Also known as an associate program, it is an arrangement, in which any website pays its affiliated websites a sum amount of money for basically routing traffic towards the first website. The site which is affiliating posts the links of the other sites, and is paid, based on the payment plan which has been agreed upon.

So in the same way, the GetResponse affiliate program authorizes the affiliates to reach out to any potential buyer and recommending the GetResponse services. The affiliate, on the other hand, receives a commission whenever the referral makes the purchase.

Challenges In Affiliate Marketing

There can be certain kinds of challenges in affiliate marketing which are listed as follows.

Fraudulent Activity 

One of the concerns can be about any shady business or fraud activity. It can be prevented by simply putting forward a proper affiliate application review and proper reporting in place. Any good affiliate management should consist of fraud prevention teams for monitoring cases like that of cookie surfing. Then there is always the option of halting commissions and deactivating these affiliate accounts if they are flagged for such activities.


It can indeed be expensive to start an affiliate program. For this reason, usually, companies starting with any programs seek to partner with any platforms which have a low set up fee and also consider other kinds of structures of payment. Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the affiliate commission structure. Any kind of affiliate commissions which is tiered can be quite helpful in this regard. One can have the lowest value of the commission for any low performing affiliate and any newcomers and the best commissions for those with higher performance and good growth rate. This should be mapped appropriately out for considering the growth over time.

Affiliates are businesses too. They are much knowledgeable about online marketing, and many of them are usually social influencers. So they can help in driving up the growth of sales with various advertising methods. For more information search about GoResponse affiliate details.