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Google Ads – why do you need them?

A lot of people might have seen Google Ads but are unaware of how it influences consumers. Apart from social media digital marketing, Google ads are a popular method of marketing goods and services. It is an initiative by Google where people can put out ads to reach their targeted audience. It helps to increase the conversion rate as more people get access to your products and services. Here are some of the reasons why Google Ads is popular amongst the people in Abu Dhabi: 

  • The reach

Google is a name that is familiar to almost everyone. No matter what we are searching for, we use Google to look for it. Google digital marketing has a key role to play as your business can offer solutions to these queries that people in Abu Dhabi have.

  • Use Google Analytics

Google ads are integrated with Google Analytics, which helps you understand whether Google ads are bringing you any traffic. It helps you to get a detailed report. From knowing how many visitors came to your website to find the most popular webpage on your website, a Google Adwords Marketing Company can help you out with it. It ensures that you are spending the right amount of money on marketing or not.

  • Quicker results


Even though SEO is still useful, Google Ads will help you to view quick results. Businesses in Abu Dhabi often use Google Ads as an alternative to SEO as it may take those years to list their website pages first in search engine results.


Apart from using SEM in digital marketing, you can invest in Google Ads to get more traffic. There are different budget plans for Google ads, and you can choose the one that is feasible for you!