Google Adwords SEM-Digital Marketing in Bangor

Google Adwords in SEM / Social Media Digital Marketing Company in Bangor

How can you be a Google AdWord consultant in the future?

Google AdWord has increased its popularity day by day because of its way of advertising your product through online. There is a lot of business who are continuously growing their brand value because of this method. You can find a Google Adwords Marketing Company by searching on the internet quickly. Almost every person starts their business in Google digital marketing. Many students want to make their career in this field. The students who wish to make their career in social media digital marketing or SEM in digital marketing in Bangor should have a vast knowledge of digital marketing tools.


How to apply for the Google Adwords exam?


  1. Create your Google account:


Choose the right Google account for the certification. If you work for an agency in Bangor, it will be best if you choose your official email address. If you are doing this certification for yourself, then provide a mail id that should be looks professional.


  1. Join The Academy For Ads: 


When you are signed in to this account, make sure that you are signed out from other Google accounts because it may create some confusion. Now click on get started button and read all the terms and conditions. Once you click that button, you can share your academy for an ad account with a company. If you want to affiliate your account with the Google partner, and then tap yes otherwise choose no.


  1. Connect With Google Partners And Prepare For Exams: 


If you want to connect with the Google partners, then you can do this step; otherwise, it is not required. Now prepare for the exams. You can search on the internet about the preparation of the exam.


  1. Pass The Exam: 


To become certified, clear the fundamental exam with one of the additional papers related to search, display, video, mobile, and shopping.



If you want to become a Google AdWords consultant in Bangor, you should know about keyword bidding, impression sharing, CPC, and many other things. To be a certified Google Adword consultant, you should clear this exam conducted by Google.