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Common Mistakes in SEM in Digital Marketing

Employing Search Engine Marketing techniques is a must when you want your business in Canberra to grow. However, with Google Digital Marketing, people can often make some common mistakes and are then disappointed when their strategies do not work out.

While a Google AdWords Marketing Company can help you greatly increase your conversion rates, an effective strategy is a necessity. You must avoid common mistakes and pitfalls when it comes to creating an effective strategy for your Canberra business.

Here is what to avoid:


Excited to get started on your marketing strategies? From SEM to social media digital marketing, every strategy can be useful. Still, people make some common mistakes, which prevent them from reaping all of the benefits of these strategies. Here is what you should avoid:


  • No Compelling Ad: While preparing a Google Ad is easy and can be finished in seconds that does not mean that it does not need to be compelling. No matter how short it may be, it still needs to be able to engage and attract your audience. Additionally, you should also avoid irrelevant ads.
  • No CTA: A compelling landing page should have an effective call for action. When a person clicks on your ad, you should ensure that the landing page asks them to follow thought on some action, whether it is a purchase, or even providing information.
  • Mobile Optimisation: Do not forget to optimize your ads and landing page for mobile. Most users use their mobile to surf the internet, so in 2020 this is a must.


You can grow your business in Canberra by using these strategies and reaching your target audience easily. Using these strategies can help you grow locally and beyond. You can visit us to learn more about how to use these strategies, with an advantage.