Google Adwords SEM-Digital Marketing in Craigavon

Google Adwords in SEM / Social Media Digital Marketing Company in Craigavon

Profits With Google Ads In Craigavon

The system of Google digital marketing in Craigavon is based on cookies and advertisers’ keywords. Google places those advertising copies and uses the characteristics on the relevant pages. When the users divert the browsing and click the ads copy, then the advertisers pay. At that moment, the partner websites get a part of that generated income.


About Them


The program of Google Ads includes international, national, and local distribution. The text ads of Google are short, Containing 3 headlines with a range of 30 aspects each, with a max of 90 elements of 2 descriptions & a display of 2 URLs with 15 elements each. Those are known as AdWords expanded text Ads. Those imitate what search results on average on Google. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) designates several standardized sizes of image Ads.


In May 2016, Google announced the reformatting of ads to serve advertisers and customers in the mobile-first world. The Expanded Text Ads, a new format of Google Ads, allows more text of 23%. The updated form is accessible on Google Display Network & SEM digital marketing in Craigavon both. It is featured with 2 headlines with thirty aspects each; it has replaced the single headline standard with 30 issues. The display URL is replaced with 2 fifteen aspects paths; the root domain is not included here.


How Do They Work?

The Google AdWords Marketing Company in Craigavon, Keyword Planner, is an essential tool that provides every data in search queries that the users have submitted in Google search engine. This also contributes to different data resources to plan Google Ads advertising campaigns. The keyword planner is used to build a new social media digital marketing in Craigavon mainly expands the existing campaigns, trends of search volume ( monthly searches average), providing keywords, bidding, keywords trend, and historical statistics. Our experts will guide you in these cases.