Google Business Page Login

Take Business To The Next Level With a Google Business Page Login

Google has been trying to expand its functionality to reach a wider audience with small and medium businesses. They introduced Google+ pages and Google My Business. With a Google business page login, smaller enterprises can list their services and appear on local search results. The package is a free marketing and PR powerhouse to generate more leads online and manage customers better with local SEO and marketing.

Leave a Mark

There are over 40 million members on Google+. It is safe to assume that growing businesses can leave a mark with a robust online presence here. Hence, here are the steps to set up your Google plus business page

  1. Create a Google account dedicated to business use. Ensure your team members can log in and exercise administrative capabilities. Use it to set up your page. 
  2. Get started with the create page wizard on Select a suitable category for your account and provide all the necessary information. It includes the URL, website, page content details, etc.
  3. Customize your public profile to enhance the user experience with taglines and static resources.
  4. Now that you have the framework ready, Google would prompt you to promote the page. Now before you go live with it, don’t submit a skeletal page with generic information. Customers (better known as Circles in Google+) look for a well-optimized site with necessary details. Spend some time and effort on customizations.
  5. The best digital marketers focus on local SEO to generate leads and gain attention. To make the most out of your Google Plus business page, share content, engage with users, and continuously optimize based on the insights.

Making Business Easier

Create a Google Plus page with Google business to unfold several powerful features. You can put yourself on the Map and rank up on search results. Google Plus presence, paired with Google My Business page, improves your visibility and effectiveness. Here are some additional features you can access –

  • You can engage with customers by responding to their queries and questions, direct messaging, posting to your feed, etc.
  • Expand your Business Profile with the dashboard. It includes hours, prices, and all the unique attributes that set your business apart. 
  • Learn more about your business’s performance and presence. Use insights gained on customer queries, picture performance, actions to your advantage.
  • Use keywords and optimizations to improve your business profile ranks on Google.

Getting Started

You can set up Google My Business page through The page does not accompany your Business Profile. Try to find your business on Google Maps, and if you find it, you can claim the business. Claiming a Google Business Page, followed by ownership verification, helps you set up customer management and the Google My Business dashboard. 

Planning for the Future

The key to successful marketing is providing specific information to your target audience. Users are attracted to clean and optimized pages. Develop a proper SEO strategy and maintain the quality of content. Your Google My Business and Google Plus presence can provide the means. All you need to do is start with a simple Google business page login.