Google Company Page

Google Company Page: An Equal Opportunity To All


In recent times, businesses, whether small or big, are facing huge competition in the market. Thus, proper marketing and promotion, along with good advertisement, is a necessity to make the people aware of their presence and lure in potential customers. Now that almost everyone has access to the internet and all the huge business houses are advertising aggressively. To increase their market reach, the smaller businesses were getting stepped upon. But with the new Google-plus business account, even the small businesses can promote themselves on the Google Company Page. Therefore they get a chance to expand their base market.

What is the Google Company Page?

Google Company Page is a platform that provides the accountholders with much more than just a business listing. It is a free business profile that lets you easily connect with the customers across Maps and Google Search. Thus, it is the best feasible idea to create a Google profile for business for a new pop up business. The objective of the Google Company Page is to provide all the companies equal opportunities to promote themselves and garner a base of potential customers via the page. It also makes sure that the reviews on the company pages are accurate so that the customers can have a non-biased opinion about the companies.

How to create an account on Google Company Page?

To create a Google Company Page, the following steps should be followed: –

  1. Making sure that the business owner has a Google Account for their business- The profile creators need to have an account in Google for the business as Google requires its profile holder to be an account holder as well.
  2. Ensuring that the business owner must have a Business Profile- Google Business Profile is the legally accepted term for the Google business listing. Google Business Profiles are very much different from that of Google My Business accounts. A Business Profile independently without Google My Business account, but the business owner’s problem is that he has no control over the information that is to be published in the Business Profile until they claim it. Through the Google My Business Account, they can access it. Therefore, it is important to have one.
  3. Create a Google My Business account.
  4. Request to claim your Business Profile.
  5. Verify ownership of your business.

Google Company Page is the perfect platform to promote small businesses and provide a non-biased opinion on the businesses.