How To Advertise on Instagram for Free

Worried about how to advertise on Instagram for free? Here are a few tips that can save you 

Instagram has millions of daily users who are active and it provides free tools to its audiences to reach the target market. You must first know how to advertise on Instagram for free before posting any random content. Posting pictures with appropriate content is great but you need to understand which post will be great for free Instagram promotions

Ways to promote 

A familiarity that users will find with your brand has to be more so that they can trust you and eventually your marketing efforts will also be effective.  There are plenty of ways to promote your Instagram account free. This will help to promote your brand among a large number of audience for a great exposure without any investment. 

Instagram business account and visibility

Make sure that you have an Instagram business account as it is a best Instagram promotion. Switch to a business account as it is a very easy process and is the best way to promote Instagram account free. You will be asked to select the “Switch to Business Profile” for switching to a business account. 

Being in a visual platform always make sure that your Instagram profile is not incomplete as it becomes unattractive to users. You need to include essential details about the business and also use high-quality display picture for your brand. Do not forget to add a link to the website or a landing page in your bio. 

Always make sure your profile is visible so that you can earn more followers n your Instagram account. Or else the ones who are following you can only see your posts. Visibility is an important factor to promote your business on Instagram. 


Relationship building is the best answer to how to do promotions on Instagram or how to start your business on Instagram. If you connect with your friends and family it will help to garner engagement and they will be happy to promote your account. In case they do not promote your account on their networks, their engagements will be beneficial to you. 

You need to have more engagement with the followers as they always like to be heard. Your account will get more priority if you engage with them by reverting. Comment and like on the comments of your supporters and also make sure you follow them back. This helps to strengthen your relationship with your followers and build trust to promote your Instagram account organically. 

You can get a boost in your Instagram engagement by user-generated content at the same time promote your business. Real customers content are far better than promotional content. When you are sharing a customer’s content they will repost the same and their followers will be able to see which eventually amplify your reach. 

Free tools

How to get promotions on Instagram is yet again another question that arises from start-ups. These tools take off some weight from the shoulders of the start-ups as well as other older brands to organize and generally make the process of promoting more easier. Here is a list of some free tools on Instagram:

  • Crowdfire
  • Social insight
  • Repost
  • Soldsie
  • Social Rank
  • Canva
  • IconoSquare

Why would you opt for tools and techniques that are paid to advertise on Instagram? By utilising the above-mentioned tools properly and following few essential tips you will be able to advertise your Instagram account and reach the target audience easily. I always rely on free techniques and tools to promote my Instagram account

The bottom line

Creative content and proper use of these resources will help you to know how to advertise on Instagram for free. Instagram is a place for shoppers and you can make effective use of this platform by targeting the potential audience.