Hybrid App Development

Understanding Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are the product of native and web technologies where the core of the app program is written using web technologies. There are lots of options available when trying to build an app as there are options where you can use native programs or the web programs also. There are multiple factors which you should look on while deciding on building an app. Budget constraint is there, the experience of the team with the current technologies and the audience for whom the app is getting designed.

Understanding The Native Mobile App

The native mobile app is the app which is being developed by using the native development tool and the native development language. For example, for the IOS platform, the native development languages are swift. For compilation, it uses Xcode similarly for the android operative system the native language would be Java and collection is done using android studio. They are considered as platform default solutions and highly compatible with them.

As these are platform-specific, these developers have performed more functionality. And get the rights to deliver the maximum to the capability of the device. 

Understanding The Web Application Based Mobile App

Mobile applications are restricted to the limits as if designed by these process, and the app developed by this process will not have the full access to the device. Like the app will be restricted to use the messages or the phone book or the gallery, it is dependent on the user’s choice. 

Understanding The Hybrid App Development

As mentioned earlier, the core of the app is written using the web application and further, it encapsulated in the native apps. These apps can use the complete device features as they have the functionality to ask the user whether they want to permit to access the particular feature like Snapchat asking for the permission of camera, google maps asking for the consent of GPS.

Hybrid apps are the best choice unless the high performance or high frame rate capabilities are required. The development approach becomes easy as there are lots of restrictions developer has to face while developing using a single platform. It also helps in cost reduction, and it increases the compatibility with multiple platform-based devices. The security patches are readily available for such apps, and it does not take much space in your device, thus saving memory and increasing the performance of your device.