Promote Podcast on Instagram

How to promote Podcasts on Instagram?

Instagram is considered to be the most popular platform which consists of huge users and fans. They are constantly growing. This is an ideal marketing platform that helps to promote a website or a small business. As a podcaster, mobile users are considered to be the most valuable targetted audience. 

People are most likely preferring podcasts rather than reading a blog or watching a video. The facts about using Instagram for marketing campaigns are more convincing and is a great choice. Let’s read how Instagram marketing podcasts proves to be extremely useful for the purpose of promotion. 

Promote Podcast on Instagram

  1. Use Instagram stories

Instagram stories are considered to be a new feature and at the same time considered to be a great one when it comes to marketing. You can engage with a large community when it comes to “Stories”.  It helps to show fresh and intriguing content through various posts. They are grouped together into a unitary story. Users are being able to share videos and photos in the format of a slideshow through the help of Instagram stories. 

It also allows the users to announce the targetted audience. The stories also allow adding links and a call to action. It will therefore allow a swipe up so that they can listen to podcasts easily. The podcast ad agency makes sure to maintain this point carefully. 

  1. Insert the episode link 

Podcasters should make sure that they include the links in their respective profiles. Instagram does not function like Facebook hence it is important to focus on the visual contents. Facebook advertising podcasts are different from Instagram advertising podcasts. You will be able to describe who you are and what is your work in this section. 

In case your fans and followers like your post they will eventually click on your podcast links. And if you opt to change the link on a regular basis so as to promote each new post, the fans and followers will also get accustomed and notice to search for the same. This will happen every time they open the Instagram app on their device. 

  1. Announce the targetted guests on your podcast

Podcasts that feature interviews with professionals and influential people from particular industries are popular and valued among listeners and fans. Instagram is an amazing platform where you can announce these interviews through specific targetted posts. This becomes easy to spot by interested audiences. 

You can also opt to use specific designs of templates in your podcasts in order to promote your interviews as well as your guests. You may also tag their Instagram profiles and add hashtags to target particular topics. 

  1. Make your own podcast’s hashtag

Another great way to promote your podcasts on Instagram is through hashtags. Try to create your own hashtags for your podcasts. Hashtags are considered to be the main feature of Instagram. If hashtags are used appropriately then they can help to make your posts more accessible as well as visible to the users who are searching for those specific topics. 

Once you are becoming more popular, unique hashtags are of great help for your podcasts. The targetted audience will get more used to the hashtags if they are being used on a regular basis to promote podcasts. The ad agency of podcasts makes sure to create unique hashtags.