Instagram Promotion Pending

Learn about why is your Instagram promotion pending

There are many reasons responsible for your Instagram promotion pending. You need to follow certain rules so that there is no problem while Instagram promotion. The advertising in Instagram offers to showcase your brand and connect with potential audiences.

  1. A problem in setting the Instagram account

Some people forget to set up the normal Instagram account to a business account hence the problem starts from here. You cannot promote ads without a business account. Therefore, before promoting any ad make sure you convert the normal account into a business account. 

This is the common reason for Instagram pending promotion. In case if still, your Instagram ads are not functioning it is because you are not an admin of your Facebook page.  This is because Facebook Ads Manager is responsible for creating Instagram ads. 

  1. The ad does not stick to guidelines

You need to maintain all the advertising guidelines and policies of Facebook to advertise your ads on Instagram or Facebook successfully. On the other hand, Instagram also has a set of rules and regulations for using it as an advertising platform. 

Below mentioned are when you don’t adhere to the rules and regulations:

  • Violation of terms and policies that includes Instagram platform policy, Music guidelines and Instagram Community Guidelines.
  • Impersonating others and inaccurate information which is misleading, fraudulent activity and unlawful. 
  •  Unofficial ways
  • Posting confidential and private information that is violating someone else’s rights
  • Using a URL or a domain name without the written consent of Instagram.
  1. The ad format is not correct

There are several ad formats provided by Instagram for businesses. Choosing the wrong ones might result in pending Instagram promotion for followers. Impact on delivery happens due to wrong formats. 

Simple and clean creative canvas with landscape and square photos are available to tell stories by Photo ads. It does not attract many viewers as Video ads do. They include sounds and movements and attracts viewers. 

The immersive quality of photo ads and video ads are the same. But video ads have the additional power of motion and sound. At the same time, you can expand the message or them of your campaign by adding more photos. 

Carousel ads help to feature additional videos and photos and adds more depth. This is very much crucial for product selling because customers can view the same product from different angles. It is always important for an Instagram promotion review.

  1. Not targeting the appropriate audience

Targeting the right audience is another important factor. Your campaigns won’t get a surge in case they are not reaching the best audience. You must create contents keeping in mind that users like them. 

There is much pending promotion Instagram has because many are not familiar with the option of targeting properly. Before creating a new set of ad you must be careful about the interests, locations, demographics, custom audiences, behaviours etc. 

The bottom line

Instagram promotion pending may happen due to many other factors. Go through the rules and regulations of both Facebook and Instagram before proceeding.