Instagram Promotion Cost India

A complete up to date guide on Instagram promotion cost in India

Instagram is a Facebook-owned social media where you will get a great opportunity for showcasing your business and generating customers. With Instagram ads, you can grow your business more and also reach to the right audience. 

If you want to know more on Instagram promotion cost in India, keep reading. This guide will help to know how much does Instagram promotion costs, factors dependent on deciding the cost and also the outcome. 

Greater engagement 

Instagram promotions help to generate more leads for a brand as it has about 10x the interaction with a brand if compared to Facebook. The leads on Instagram is more substantial than any other social networks. Instagram promotion price is much similar to Facebook but tends to generate more customers when compared to Facebook. 

Brands get a lot of opportunities to communicate with their followers via Instagram.  

How much do Instagram marketing cost in India?

The Instagram marketing cost in India ranges from Rs.36.69 to Rs.146.75. This cost depends on the Cost Per Click or CPC of the sponsored advertisements or ads. 

How does it work?

The work of the ad bidding on Instagram is exactly the same as that of Facebook ad bidding. Both of these types of the ad are managed on the same platform which makes them similar. You will enter into a worldwide auction when you are publishing ad campaigns on Instagram. 

Factors responsible for advertising cost

Various factors are responsible for the Instagram promotion cost. Such as:

  • Bid for your Facebook campaign

The more you have decided to pay, the more your ads will be delivered. In the case of automatic bids, you will be just better. 

  • Relevant scores

The relevance scores of your ads will have a direct effect on the cost. 

  • Estimated rates of action

The “estimated action rates” determined by Instagram also affects the price. 

There are many Instagram promotion app that will help you to know the exact price you need to promote ads on Instagram. 

Creating Instagram ads in the most cost-effective way

You will find a large number of people placing ads on Instagram without even knowing what are they up to. These people simply end up losing money at the end. You need to understand the need of the people you are targeting and create the appropriate ads for the targetted audiences. 

Promoting on Instagram cost may be similar to that of Facebook but if you post the right content at the right time your purpose will be solved. The ads are split by Instagram into the following three sections and the cost is decided further. The three sections are:

  • Ad Set
  • Ad
  • Campaign

The bottom line

The Instagram promotion cost in India is much lower when compared to any other countries. If you post the right content understanding the need of the targetted audience then you can easily expect more customers through these online marketing theories. The advertising has increased a lot in the last few years.