Instagram Real Estate Marketing

How to use Instagram real estate marketing to get targetted leads?

Instagram real estate marketing is beneficial as it acts as a portfolio and also as a lead generator. This is a powerful platform to increase the number of engagements. Instagram is a user-friendly platform and can be beneficial for many purposes. 

Benefits of realtors

There are many reasons why realtors get depends upon Instagram. Some of the reasons are below:

  • This platform enables a free form of advertising.
  • Much easy for realtors to post photos and videos.
  • Shows listings of properties along with the details.
  • Realtors keep a record of who is viewing the posts and therefore enables them to reach out to them directly.
  • 10x more engagement than Facebook.
  • According to statistics, the crowd on Instagram has more money, therefore, there are more qualified buyers.
  • The new SEO is hashtags.
  • Free event marketing.
  • You can act like a pro without prior experience.

Find a dream lead easily

Instagram is for shoppers so realtors will find more potential buyers easily by posting smartly. You need to know the content of the post carefully before posting. Investing in properties involves a huge sum of money and it requires proper information also.

Posting photos and videos will enable the viewers to get to see the properties as well as get detail information of its authenticity. Realtors must also keep in mind that they post relevant property details focusing on the type of followers the page has. Keep in mind several points about viewers before posting. Such as:

  •  Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Range of income
  • Family dynamics

Create interesting bio

Always focus on creating an interesting bio for your business account. This will help the viewers to get proper details about you and what you do. The bio must be engaging, compelling and people must get encouragement to contact you. 

Upload high-quality videos and images

If you recently want to sell properties in Chinatown, try to upload high-quality photos of Chinatown market on Instagram as well. This will help the potential leads to get an idea about the surrounding area of the property. 

In case of buildings in Dover street, upload high standard videos and photos of Dover street market on Instagram along with proper hashtags. They enable to search contents that you are already sharing. 

The bottom line

Instagram real estate marketing helps a lot to both the realtors and the buyers. This is a much cost-effective process and attracts more potential leads.